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From Powerlifter to Runner

I have been training as a powerlifter for the past while, and it has been so much fun. I’ve loved it, still love it, but now I need to change gears and resume training for my marathon in October. 464 more words


Finally! and grabbing this year by the horns.

Finally, my best week yet! I feel like shouting from the roof tops so that’s what I will do. This week kicked butt. I took it easy during the week to try to give my body a little rest so that I could tackle my long run on Saturday and it totally paid off, 12 fantastic miles from start to finish! 392 more words


396: happy of yourself

I did an exercise, and I am very sore, but yay! Why bother comparing myself with fit people?

18 miles & a quesadilla

Don’t do 135 pushups directly after eating a quesadilla.  Trust me on this.

To those with iron stomachs:  We salute you.

My strength training has been sorely lacking.   306 more words


The San Francisco Marathon: Finishing Strong with a PR!

When I ran the first half of the San Francisco Marathon in 2012, I NEVER imagined that I would be able to finish the full marathon. 276 more words


perks of not training for a marathon


Took it easy with a 3 miler around the neighborhood, to give my left foot, still sore, a bit of a rest. A dreary day, but comfortably cool. 75 more words