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Kick-Butt Running to Be a Marathoner!

No issue is the hottest and trending topics in the Beantown than Boston Marathon. We all know that it is mainly because of the unfortunately tragedy that happened last year, which gave us a ride to emotional and mental roller coaster. 402 more words


Starting over new with my 6th marathon ...

I am SO HAPPY! I have officially been cleared to train again … and that’s a really good thing considering I need to start training for the Ventura Marathon on Saturday, HA! 396 more words


Runner Profile: Caitlin

Caitlin is a very prestigious and enthusiastic runner and a 2013 ING NYC Marathon finisher. She is a self-proclaimed “mileage junkie” (just look at those weekly miles, holy) and is competing again in the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon in hopes of getting a Boston-Qualifying time. 1,372 more words

Huff Post: Marathon Monday

Possessing a Boston Marathon medal earns you celebrity status in my hometown. I’m not talking Ben Affleck or Matt Damon cachet — it’s bigger than that. 200 more words

The Accidental Marathoner

I have two Mes.

Real me is caring and giving and kind.  Real me is never bored, because there is always someone to love or something to create or something to enjoy.   708 more words


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Thirty-two weeks pregnant, and hardly able to walk more than a couple of miles at a stretch, it's a little hard to believe that a year ago I ran my first marathon. My already-heightened set of emotions surrounding the race skyrocketed when the Boston marathon bombing occurred, six days before my race. As is true with most runners, ever since that day, every time I am out on a jog there is at least one moment where my mind turns to the bombing. While the thought saddens me, and makes me feel for the individuals and families affected, it also reminds me to be grateful for the legs carrying me, grateful for the people around me, and gives me energy to push on. Runners are a willful, dedicated bunch, full of strength, stamina and commitment, and the Boston bombing, instead of tarnishing this, cemented it.

Someone who believes in me ...

I have mentioned before that I have only recently discovered the social aspects of running. It has truly changed my life. I have met some pretty inspiring athletes along the way, many I am blessed to call “friend”. 196 more words


The long run ...

I had a sucky 2-mile run today. I had a decent 3-miler yesterday, that included a hill, so I was pretty happy with myself. But that’s just how running goes. 245 more words