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Related to the last post, I might as well write about marble sculptures. I love it when a marble sculpture is kept clean and looks purely white. 119 more words


A side order of Ribs....Marbles vet visit

Ok I am an idiot..Marbles was taken to the vet this morning…we arrived after some changing of times as the Weekend vet Dr Nadia Wong was called to a Pony with colic..then our appointment was changed back as sadly the poor pony had died before the vet could make it… 446 more words


K'nex vs. Marbles Track

A few days ago, I built a ball machine element that works with both K’nex balls and marbles. The coolest part is the sorter at the end. 145 more words

Ball Machine

Staying in Focus: Dollar Store Fun

I love the dollar store. Yesterday my two most favorite people, my grandchildren, Evelyn and Gavin, came over to play. I had picked up a bag of goodies at the dollar store and with a little creative thinking, we made a lot of fun. 510 more words


Photo Challenge: Sea Glass Containers

Brown and White Sea Glass – I found these tumbled shards of glass on beaches in and around Vancouver, BC, Canada. They were probably once… 123 more words


Rancid Ham

Ken Ham’s going off again. He knows the real reason humans are going into space …

Of course, secularists are desperate to find life in outer space, 428 more words

In Which I Flex The Grey Matter