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MarcellaMarcella Curates: Unit Portables - Now available...

MarcellaMarcella Curates: Unit Portables – Now available… http://bit.ly/1GFXKmO

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I have several WordPress journals, but they are no longer working correctly for me. Posting and editing is now extremely difficult and/or impossible. Therefore, for BOBBY SANDS, I will only be posting at the alternate sites in the future. 39 more words


How I was Found


How I Was Found


Wandering Nature’s temple

one day

in a deep, darksome way

I was found.


Seeing without eyes

in a river of stars… 103 more words

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It's no better to be safe than sorry

This is a song I definitely remember seeing on No Limits. It’s a bit of a watershed moment too as the video was quite revolutionary. 214 more words