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Birchbox: July 2014

For those of you new to beauty subscriptions, Birchbox is a subscription service that sends you 4-5 beauty/health/home samples that are picked just for you based on a beauty quiz. 902 more words


The Radio

While Tessa works in The Little Bean coffee shop, she listens to the radio. It’s not by choice. The dusty radio has sat on the far side of the shop, with its dials constantly tweaked by the coffee-drinking patrons. 512 more words


A Bottle Of Wine & Trashy Films

When the doorbell buzzes, Tessa is looking at a jar of extraordinarily cheap pasta sauce as a pan of slowly softening twists boil gently. The noises sounds almost as surprised as she is. 516 more words


Love and Lust and All That's In Between

“So, why is it called Sweet Basil?” Cerys says from one of the steel chairs, leaning back like she owns the place. When she leaves, Oscar will throw down some new protections, in case she has taken into her head that she actually does. 378 more words


July 2014 Birchbox Unboxing

Hi Everyone!!

I received my July Birchbox today!! I was so excited for this box because this month we had the opportunity to pick one of our items. 332 more words


It’s after the morning rush when Oscar gets his coffee. Mid-morning is not the best time for bakery selling, so he locks up the shop just in time to miss the queues, and gets his now daily shot of caffeine. 372 more words


The Siren

“Miss Osbourne. I hope you’re well,” Cerys Carlisle says as she strides into The Little Bean, letting the door swing back onto her following friend. Oscar, sitting at his table closest to the counter, looks first at the sea witch and then at the scowling werewolf. 375 more words