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Closed Off Spaces

Although Marcelle knows about the garden, she has not seen it. Oscar talks about, in a roundabout, way that makes it pointedly obvious that he should not be talking about it, usually to Cerys, who has a similar, way of smiling that is not smiling. 304 more words


Affordable Faces

About five months ago I found a website called Ipsy; it’s an online subscription completely based around makeup products. Every month they send you five products – some sample sized, some full size – for only $14 CAD. 323 more words


Beauty Buys

Marcelle 3in1 Cleanser

This is the first face wash I have found that finally doesn’t irritate my skin. I have terribly sensitive skin, currently my cotton shirt is even making me itchy, so this cleansing ‘milk’ has been a godsend. 618 more words

Beauty Must Haves

Movie Night

Oscar hasn’t been able to say no. Marcelle waited to tell him until Cerys was present and judging, and seriously, how did she even manage that, she usually tried to avoid being with Cerys without an appropriate buffer, of which Oscar was not. 344 more words


Tessa's Thick Rimmed Glasses

When Marcelle enters The Little Bean, she immediately raised one eyebrow. She has grown used to all Tessa’s quirks that mean the full moon is coming, and those thick rimmed glasses that makes her face seem rounder shouldn’t be out in public yet. 310 more words


Fast Forward Some Months

They are a couple in love. It would take a close eye to realise that although this is true, it is not actually each other that Oscar and Marcelle are in love with. 185 more words


3 Products To Help You Look Awake

This week, I’m going to show you some of my favourite products for helping you look awake. As women on the go we know that getting a full eight hours of sleep isn’t always doable, and by that I mean getting a full eight hours sleep is virtually impossible. 264 more words