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It's Firing Time!

Today my Mad Hare went into the kiln – it was my most stressful journey to the ceramics workshop ever. All went well thankfully and my Mad Hare made it to the kiln. 62 more words


Hunger Games: Black Friday Edition

Some people say that the holiday season starts on the first of December, others say that it starts with Thanksgiving.  I say it starts on the darkest weekday of the year: Black Friday. 368 more words

March Hare

'Ere Ear

Once the ears were leather hard I was able to hold them up to the head in order to make the shape of the end of the ear complimentary to the head so that the join is as unnoticeable as possible once completed and joined. 39 more words


Gen 3 Chap 5 - The Story of the Fallen Prince Pt. 1

Le Author’s Note: Hello and welcome to another installment of my absolute favorite legacy I’ve ever written. I’m surprised I even have time to write this because my boyfriend bought me Super Smash Bros for WiiU and The Evil Within and since I already beat Pokemon Alpha Sapph, those are the other two games that’ll I’ll probably neglect life for. 1,403 more words


Curiouser and Curiouser

I thought I’d show you a recent purchase of mine, something I found quite beautiful. Like many people, I love a bit of stationary. It’s one of those things we just love to have, especially when they adorn interesting designs. 125 more words


Gen 3 Chap 4 - A Rendezvous With A Dollmaker

Le Author’s Note: Welcome back to another installment of The Legacy of The Xavier’s. This chapter will be relatively short; at least, I’m going to try and keep it in my bounds of writing which is 2,000, or a little over, words. 1,625 more words


Day 1.5: The State of Wonderland

Like with every tale, there is explanation, or back-story. Mine has a long, complex one, but let’s just stick to what actually makes my head a Wonderland. 453 more words