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Be yourself -- is it really that simple?

Such a common phrase used these days – ‘Just be yourself’. Your hear it being expressed to people as advice, you see it on posters and images to trigger ones mind into remembering who they are and accepting themselves, but being used as a gift of advice or inspiration it defiantly toils with your mind – how can one be themselves if in actually fact they are truly ‘being themselves’. 409 more words


Let Me Take You Down Page 40

Kyra walked across the room and sat down on the settee, Charlie didn’t take his eyes from the top of the bookcase.
“Charlie your hairs on fire.” 666 more words

I Will Not March Into Moloch

I will not march into Moloch
I will not chase another’s dream
I will not drink a diet soda to lighten the mood
I will not buy it in my choice of four vibrant colours… 24 more words

Bits And Pieces

Let Me Take You Down Page 39

Sitting crossed legged she took a few mouthfuls of the warm sweet tea, her eyes all the time on the envelopes she let the tea travel deep inside making her feel a little better, when the mug was half full she put it down on the floor, she reached up to the towel unwrapping her hair she threw it over the back of the chair. 751 more words

Lolita Love My Birthday Month Wine Glass, March

Save $ 10 order now Lolita Love My Birthday Month Wine Glass, March at Best Wine Glasses store. Daily updated wine glasses reviews and find the cheap wine glasses consumer reports of stemless wine glasses, plastic wine glasses or riedel wine glasses on Ebay, Amazon. 9 more words

Vigil held for Eric Garner, who died in NYPD custody

NEW YORK (AP) — Demonstrators marched through the streets on Tuesday to demand swift justice for a man who died in police custody.

“It ends today,” the crowd of Eric Garner’s relatives, friends and local elected officials chanted as they walked from a Staten Island park across from where police confronted him last Thursday to the precinct where the officers involved were stationed. 509 more words


Spring Break Travelogue: San Diego

I never imagined myself living or studying in a place where San Diego would be a “cheap and easy” Spring Break destination, but, here we are; Spring Break 2014! 1,033 more words