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Building objdump on osx to allow disassembling arm64 objects

I’m trying to disassemble openSSL that I’ve built for iOS targeting arm64 architecture with objdump (from GNU binutil) giving it following options:

./objdump openssl -f (file headers), -t (symbol table), and -h (section headers)
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Slower android when not connected to charger?

I’m trying to develop simple android application which monitors specified url using http client and once defined condition is met it should perform notification actions. … 169 more words

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Parse cobertura and output coverage data during ant build

I’m using cobertura to calculate test coverage. I want my ant script to echo coverage information about specific packages.

So far, I have:

   <target name="coverage-check">
        <loadfile property="coveragexml" srcFile="${coverage.report.dir}/coverage.xml">
            <linecontains negate="true">
              <contains value="!DOCTYPE"/>

        <xmlproperty validate="false">
            <string value="${coveragexml}"/>
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Async design pattern - which one is better?

I’ve started wondering for asynchronous programming should I always use following pattern:

public async Task<int> MyMethodAsync()
    return await SomeOtherMethodAsync();

or is it safe and do not produce any drawback, simplify this code to: 110 more words

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Building libxml2-2.9.2 for iOS 64 bit

So far I was building libxml2-2.9.2 and previous versions for iOS 32 bits only.
The command I’m using to call configuration script is:

./configure --with-debug=no --host=arm-apple-darwin12.5.0 --with-iconv=no --with-zlib=no
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Auto propagation of formulas down the columns for each new row (with a script)

How to propagate A1, X2, and Y2 down the columns for every new row automatically? I tried an array formula but without any luck. Can this be done with scripts? 75 more words

PostgreSQL - PostGIS query optimization

I have a query which creates an input to pgRouting pgr_drivingDistance function:

CREATE TEMP TABLE tmp_edge AS                   
    e."Id" as id,
    e."Source" as source,
    e."Target" as target,
    e."Length" / (1000*LEAST("Speed", "SpeedMin")/60) as cost
FROM    "Edge" e,
        "SpeedLimit" sl
WHERE   sl."VehicleKindId" = 1
        AND e.the_geom && 
                x1-(1000*GREATEST("Speed", "SpeedMax")/60)*13, 
                y1-(1000*GREATEST("Speed", "SpeedMax")/60)*13, 
                x1+(1000*GREATEST("Speed", "SpeedMax")/60)*13,
                y1+(1000*GREATEST("Speed", "SpeedMax")/60)*13, 3857)
        AND sl."RoadCategoryId" = e."CategoryId";
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