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President Obama's New Deal: Modern Immigration Reform, Not Amnesty

President Obama announced last week that he intends to use executive action to ease the threat of deporting undocumented immigrants, providing they comply with his new deal to come out of the shadows, make themselves known, and pay their fair share of taxes. 451 more words


Former U.S. Senator Jim Webb opens presidential exploratory committee

Virginian is the first Democrat to make a move toward a nomination fight with Hillary Clinton

By Rich Shumate, Chickenfriedpolitics.com editor

BURKE, Virginia (CFP) — Former U.S. 349 more words


Fixing the Illegal Immigration Mess

Here’s how a solid immigration plan would look like [Florida Senator Marco Rubio proposed something similar to this in 2013]:

1. First and foremost, the United States government would create real border security. 465 more words


This Is Why You Shouldn't Ever Believe Anything Bill Cassidy Says

I haven’t doctored the image here. This is from Bill Cassidy’s Twitter feed. Four hours after inviting supporters to a rally with Senator Marco Rubio, Cassidy claimed that Mary Landrieu “voted against stopping executive amnesty.” It was, literally, his very next tweet, and his campaign spent the next several hours recycling this argument on social media, even uploading a 15 second commercial featuring the Congressman himself. 849 more words

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Sens. Rubio, Cruz or Paul for president? America 'done with that experiment,' says Christie

BOCA RATON — There’s a lot of executive swagger at the Republican Governors Association annual meeting, where more than two dozen chief executives from various states have gathered this week and at least six are considering a 2016 presidential run. 276 more words


"A Backwards Looking Losing Theme": The GOP Already Has The Wrong Message For 2016

Let’s “restore” America.

This theme has been an undercurrent of Republican politics since the 2008 elections, when President Obama and the Democrats won control of two of the three branches of the U.S. 576 more words


Accompanying Colombia, 2014: Washington D.C.!

This morning kicked off another long-distance accompaniment trip where I’ll be representing the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ — this time into the wilds of Washington DC. 545 more words