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We Finally Have a Strategy to Deal with ISIL

It involves . . . well . . . um . . . let me give the microphone to the secretary of state:

John Kerry suggested today that the task of defeating the Islamic State could fall to Iran and the Syrian government if the US was “failing miserably” in its effort to defeat the jihadists.

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#Science Quotable: GOP politicians are not scientists.... Duh

Asked about the age of the Earth, Marco Rubio said, “I’m not a scientist.” Asked about the climate crisis, Rick Scott said, “I’m not a scientist.”

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GOP = Got Our Pitch?

For reasons far beyond our ken, the hardworking staff has been peppered lately with emails from Republican hustlers looking to shake us down for campaign contributions. 661 more words

U.S. lawmakers to Haiti Senate: Vote for election law -- MiamiHerald.com

More than a dozen U.S. congressional lawmakers are calling on the Haitian Senate to move forward with elections by voting for an electoral law needed to schedule the vote.In a letter to Haitian Senate President Simon Desras, the bipartisan group of lawmakers urge senators to pass the legislation, saying that “Haitians, like all citizens in a democracy, have a right to express their will through regular and timely elections for their government representatives.”“We are deeply concerned that the Haitian Senate has been unable to pass the requisite legislation to authorize elections this year,” the lawmakers wrote. 72 more words


The GOP's Immigration Chronicles

I was recently told that if the Republicans wanted to play the race/immigration card in 2016, Marco Rubio would be the way to go. But, to put it frankly, I don’t think that would be effective for the Grand Old Party. 378 more words