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"Hollow Words": The Wrong Argument At The Wrong Time From The Wrong People

Conservative critics of President Obama’s new Cuba policy are in a tough spot. The right can’t argue in support of the old policy because it obviously didn’t work. 489 more words


"Rubio’s Embargo Anger Plays To The Past": Representing The Views Of Only The Most Reactionary Portion Of The Community

Is Marco Rubio the stupidest politician in Washington? Okay, probably not. The House of Representatives is bursting to the rafters with contenders for the title. But after watching Rubio’s comical response to the Cuba announcement, we should all begin to consider his credentials. 1,056 more words


The Art of Diplomacy

There has been much discussion in the news this week over President Barack Obama’s announcement that the United States of America would be working towards normalizing relations with Cuba. 734 more words

Let the Thaw Commence

Some days back I remember watching the news and hearing one of the biggest announcements this year, and perhaps, in history- The United States was going to begin to normalize relations with Cuba.   718 more words

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The Rake-Stepping Continues!

Senator Big Gulp Marco Rubio continues to plod about flat-footed as his more nimble 2016 Goat Rodeo contender Sen. Aqua Buddha Rand Paul trolls him, and throws more rakes in the yard. 174 more words

2016 Goat Rodeo

"Hypocrite Alert!": Republicans Believe In The Power Of The Free Market—Except In Cuba, Apparently

On Thursday, the White House announced that Alan Gross and an unnamed Amercan spy would be released from Cuba in exchange for three Cuban spies. President Barack Obama, who campaigned on normalizing relations with Cuba in 2008, has described Gross’s captivity as one of the main impediments to negotiations with Cuba. 462 more words



With the stabilizing of American relationships with my country  of Cuba, what does God think?
I  trust His mouth but don’t  trust what comes from the mouths of politicians. 250 more words