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Today's Chicken Soup Digest: The Crazy GOP Clown Car Weekend

I have taglined my blog 3.0 as “Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul.” As we know, chicken soup is a mix of vegetables, dill, noodles and, of course, chicken. 991 more words


The Koch Brothers are 2016

Dark money — and the ultimate human representation of dark money, that being the Koch Brothers — should probably terrify you. You can ultimately look at this in 1 of 2 ways, best I can tell: 379 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Several Republicans Set Out to Impress Rich People With Their Words on Things...

A trio of chill Republicans took part in some sort of unofficial Republican Party debate. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul got to sittin’ around with some moderator chatting it up in chairs that looked really comfortable in an effort to impress some rich dudes. 170 more words


'Beauuutiful’: Marco Rubio turns the tables on question about political influence of the wealthy

At a forum featuring Sens. Rubio, Cruz and Paul, along with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, Rubio was asked about political donations from the wealthy, and had a comeback that other GOP candidates would be wise to take note of: 91 more words

US Politics

Byron York: As 2016 race begins, GOP faces its Palin problem

Washington Examiner: As a chance to evaluate possible 2016 Republican presidential candidates, the Freedom Summit here in Des Moines was a solid success. Several potential candidates — Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and a few others — left the 10-hour political marathon with their prospects undeniably enhanced. 52 more words


Marco Rubio, Cuba, and Schizophrenic Conservatism.

On Fox News, we read:

To hear former Texas Republican congressman and longtime conservative rock star, Ron Paul, tell it, Marco Rubio is clueless when it comes to the power of the free market. 

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Krauthammer predicts a Rubio presidency

By Tom Quiner

Charles Krauthammer is certainly one of the most influential conservatives around. When he speaks, even liberals listen.

That’s why his remarks on Friday made people sit up when he said he’s betting on a Rubio nomination and presidency: 47 more words