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the diviners

Lately I’ve had several conversations about ethnicity and how it contributes to identity. It is an idea I struggle to understand, perhaps because my open-minded immigrant parents were the exception rather than the rule when it comes to Asian families.  511 more words


Margaret Laurence (1)

In the long run, what can you do except write what interests you, and hope that someone somewhere will find it interesting also?

– Margaret Laurence… 42 more words

20th Century

'The Stone Angel' (2)

People are always listening. I think it would be best if one paid no head. But I can’t blame Doris. I’ve said the very same thing to Bram.  15 more words

20th Century

'The Stone Angel' (1)

“I guess life must have been quite difficult in those days, eh?” he stumbles on.

“Yes. Yes, it was.” But only because it cannot be otherwise, at whatever time.

– Margaret Laurence, ‘The Stone Angel‘

20th Century

Odd Jobs

When I say work I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs. – Margaret Laurence