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Teens Review: Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix (Book 1 of the Shadow Children Series)

By Maevis, middle schooler

A boy named Luke has been forced into hiding since he was born, by law. Luke lives in a society where only two children are allowed per family. 173 more words


Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix- 4/5

Double Identity is centered around a 12 year old girl named Bethany. Her parents are acting strange, and one morning, her dad gets the family in the car. 184 more words

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Review: 'Full Ride'

Today we’ve got Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Full Ride, just finished by Ramsey H.

The plot: Becca’s father went to prison for embezzlement, saying ‘How else was he to pay his kid’s college tuition’. 106 more words

Good grief, he's growing up!

Benjamin tends to ramble a bit when he’s talking. Not sure where he gets it, but I usually tune it out a little, so that it kind of ends up sounding a little like “and so then the tree possum bluejay played dead but we found a bird nest with giant bullfrog tadpoles in it and it’s really deep and I’m going to go wash my feet off ’cause I got poison ivy on them.” He’s my little brother, and I love him and all, but sometimes I just can’t listen to a whole speech about how he constructed his lego spaceship. 699 more words