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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck...

If a woodchuck had three margaritas and a shot of tequila?

I have about 10% of my laptop battery left.  I’m feeling great from a night out with a friend at my favorite joint in town.   753 more words


Planning Vs. Doing

I was told once to stop planning things out. Now,  I know, that’s quite the opposite of what most people say but, I am not most people. 249 more words

Happy Tuesdays aren't all about TACOS anymore

Happy Tuesdays are about Happy Hours! Sabeen and I went to a fairly new restaurant in Hermosa Beach, CA called Dia De Campo.

First off, their happy hour is actually “Bandito Power Hour” and it has blown all other happy hours out of the water. 172 more words


Taco Tuesdays

Hello lovelies!

Last night, the girls all met up for margaritas and tacos in Old Town.

Summary: it was SO adorable.

Don’t quite believe me? Take a look: 58 more words


The decision to CrossFit...what is that?

People often ask me how I started doing CrossFit…well, truth be known, I was drinking margaritas with my friend, Nick, at the Happy Hour Saloon.  Now Nick is always known for his off the wall, spontaneous ideas and sometimes I am able to tag along.  790 more words



Woah, it’s been a while since my first post. But while I was gone I did have the chance to swing by a few places so the posts should be in full swing. 328 more words

Planning a group outing can be a delicate matter. First the type of food, then what neighborhood to go to. Is it close to the bar we want to go to afterward? 494 more words