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November 25, 2014: commit yourself, to yourself

Last night I had a shitty night. I didn’t want to do anything and retreated up to my room before dinner. I hate being depressed, I really do. 514 more words

2-fer sunrises

JUST MINUTES after posting yesterday’s praise of oxygen and stars, roundabouts 7 a.m., I looked out the window behind the computer screen and saw this, so I snapped a photo. 219 more words


11 Rules of Harmonious Travel

I think America’s love affair with the automobile has less do to with the romance of the open road and everything to do with the grossness of the shared travel experience. 1,424 more words


A San Diego Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is right around the corner…3 days away! Yay! We are so excited to go visit our family in San Diego. Mostly for the time with loved ones, but also to get away from this Chicago weather for a few days. 150 more words


A New Day

Yup.  Totally going there…

Love the plan.  In theory.  Realistically, probably won’t quite cut the mustard.

With my new Man-imposed running hiatus, I have to pay attention now more than ever to what I’m shoveling down my yap.   567 more words


Portoviejo: Shopping Treck

We got up earlier than usual so we could head to the big city. This is our alarm clock

Once a week we usually catch the bus and make the Treck to Portoviejo. 323 more words


November 23rd - Anacoluthon

Anacoluthon – n: syntactical inconsistency; especially: shift in an unfinished sentence from one syntactic construction to another

“Do the stars always look so lovely this time of year or am I – man I could go for a burrito right now.” 130 more words

365 Words Challenge