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TAKE THREE TUESDAY - The Best Margarita in Racine/Kenosha is...

Last week, when we decided to do a margarita review, I was excited – I LOVE MARGARITAS!  Judging a margarita, however, turns out to be really, really difficult. 465 more words


7 Salsas Mexican Restaurant

I have really been slacking on the amount of happy hour posts I’ve been sharing so I am officially vowing to step up my happy hour game! 407 more words

Happy Hour

Postcard from Oaxaca, Mexico: Favorites on the food front

The Mister came across a blog post somewhere online that read, “La Biznaga is the reason I moved to Oaxaca.” Can’t find that post, but we feel almost as strongly about the place. 283 more words


Margaritas: The Closest You'll Get to Summer This January

The best margaritas I’ve ever had were on the beach of Tulum, Mexico. They were tart, just a little sweet, fresh and potent. When the bartender finished making a round, he was surrounded by spent lime halves—a good sign. 990 more words

End of the longest short week ever

What a week! My first project for the embedded systems class I’m taking was due yesterday at 6:00. This was challenging because my C programming skills are rusty and I never took a “prerequisite” undergraduate microcontroller class before this graduate class. 576 more words

Tortilla Flat

1871 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine

Many places around town only run happy hour Monday – Thursday to our dismay. We understand that Fridays are usually a popular day so businesses don’t need to draw in people as much but, it can be hard to get out mid-week when you work early the next morning or don’t live in town. 341 more words

Happy Hour


I started to write a big post and gave up. It’s friday afternoon and I am ready to go home!

Just checking in before the weekend, I’m not sure I will be able to post before then. 310 more words