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The moral—and economic—case for progressive taxation

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Broadly speaking, there are three ways a tax system can be arranged: It can be flat, in which every person pays the same tax rate; it can be regressive, in which people with higher incomes pay lower rates; or it can be progressive, in which case people with higher incomes pay higher rates. 2,556 more words

Consumer Surplus

Consumer surplus


Consumer surplus: Consumer surplus is the difference of what we are willing to pay and what we actually pay.

According to Marshall, ”The excess of the price which he (i.e. 1,050 more words


"Le Horla" brings visual dementia to Marginal Utility

Marginal Utlity’s latest group show Le Horla, a reaction to Guy de Maupassant’s short story of the same name, tackles camp, horror, and discord in it’s attempt to blur the boundaries of space and time.   603 more words