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HRJ: Future Research

As Research in Practice is meant to help me with future research, I feel that thinking about my dissertation here is appropriate. I had a really interesting discussion with one of my lecturers about a museum called… 306 more words

Evaluating Practice

A Story From and For the Margins

Last week we replayed God’s story as a story about beginnings and endings in a different key as we unpacked the significance of that story by focusing our attention on  vulnerability and… 3,064 more words

Things that make you go... "no, no, no"!

Imagine my enthusiasm as I came across The Smurfs – Brainy Smurf’s Sporty Day (a board book).

Three things drew me to this book:

1) Smurfs! 308 more words

Marching for justice

I went to my first protest march yesterday. A protest against the hard-line Abbott government and changes that have not only swept away a lot of the reforms of the previous government, but also ignore the voices of those who are genuinely concerned about the reality of the marginalised in our society.  134 more words

Life As I See It

A Woman’s Place is in the Democratic and Popular Revolution.

The piece below was adapted from an article by African author Ify Otuya. It depicts a peculiar blend of pop culture and feminism. It argues for basic feminist objectives, but through the rhythm, tempo, language and flair of pop culture. 2,961 more words


hanging out with birds

Black and white photographer Roger Ballen, for a long time, has been a favourite of mine. And probably for the same reason that Pieter Hugo is: they both tend to photograph the marginal members of society. 102 more words


A Letter to a Younger

Dear Younger,

I guess you’re wondering why I’m writing this letter to you. I’ve seen a few things and I thought it was time to share my heart with you. 862 more words

Young People