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AAG 2014: presenting trans geographies

A few weeks ago, I presented my paper at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (which is a misnomer as all geographers are British… and they work in Canada… so it seems.) My paper was titled… 1,296 more words

News & Information

White Maleness On White Maleness

Dom*i*nant |ˈdämənənt| adjective_ “most important, powerful, or influential”
Su*pre*ma*cy |səˈpreməsē, so͞o-|noun_ “the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status” 1,752 more words

Current Issues

The Dinner Guest

I went to a dinner party at my parents’ house tonight.

I wasn’t invited.

Only big deal art collectors and a big deal artist were invited. 896 more words

Bipolar Illness

Feminist on Feminist Bullying: Theories on Interpersonal Conflict

Here at the Lesley University Women’s Center, our fantastic supervisor Jenn O’Neil is in the process of doing fascinating research on feminist vs. feminist bullying, an issue I believe is causing a rift in the achievement of progress within the feminist community. 754 more words

Outside the Margins

Every feel marginalized?  Ever feel set aside?  I have.

Back in high school, I remember desperately wanting to play varsity volleyball.  I played in a different league during the off-season to build my skills.  401 more words

Fortresses in Academia: A Personal Reflection

A young researcher or budding academic like me in India does not have things easy. Teaching and Research, what ideally should be the two sides of the same coin, cannot be done together.   1,255 more words

Society Seen Through Cultural Artifacts

My Weekly Frustration- Week 12: Listener Discretion Advised.

This week we continued our discusion of sound, though we focused more specifically on the gendering of sound. This might be a far stretch from what we actually read, but the readings started me thinking about the gendering of particular queer sounds. 416 more words