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Marginalized Medicine

Something I have been dealing  with for a very long time is the critical impact of marginalization and dehumanization of a patient in the modern practice of medicine. 920 more words

Health Of All Kinds


To the Facebook-friend-who-just-posted-a-picture-of-himself-and-two-friends-with-the-caption-“i-am-okay-that-i-am-gay”:

You probably don’t know why yet, but you disgust me. Okay, maybe it’s not you – you’re a great person who has great potential in all things.  1,260 more words

Thoughts On Things

Achieving equity through finance: helping Indigenous populations in Brazil

On the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, this blog outlines successful policies in Latin America that have helped redistribute funds to help bring about equity in education, and benefit its indigenous populations. 543 more words


Under Ground

One may be under ground in the literal sense of hiding in some hole where one will be safe from the prying eyes of those “others” who are always trying to judge you or in the figurative sense of serving in a profession not held in good repute by society. 856 more words

ahhhhhhhh thesis.

I’m working backwards on my thesis: rewriting a conclusion because this shit has some major issues. One of my friends who started ignoring my requests has agreed to phone in help with it. 56 more words

"But You're So Pretty"

One of the most disparaging comments I would receive when I started to come out to my friends and acquaintances was “but you’re so pretty.”  Sometimes followed by “that’s such a shame.” 679 more words

Gender Stereotypes


Explain this to me: One of our homeless youth at the shelter, who after years of addictions is making an honest attempt to get his shit together, found his first part-time job and now wants to parlay that employment into getting some sort of shared housing and getting himself out of the homeless shelter. 90 more words