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Asian. Y/N?

DISCLAIMER: This was done for class credit. I’m writing about it because I actually enjoyed it.

I recently participated in a group forum discussing Asian Americans and how they should be racially perceived and marginalized during the college admissions process. 629 more words

Why Minorities Think You're Racist

I recently listened to the most eye opening lecture I have ever heard on the issues of race and racial marginalization. In this post I want to distill one part of the lecture which explained why minorities continually level the charge of racism against the dominant culture of white Americans. 987 more words


Can You See Me?

A few years ago, I performed an informal little social experiment while in the grocery store: I began by walking just behind the cart (I was pushing, my sighted companion steering) with my cane out and plainly visible. 920 more words


Enter Mahler... (2)

We were talking — well, I was, anyhow — about Mahler’s Third Symphony and the strange but illuminating manner in which I discovered it, all the way back in July 1979. 1,230 more words


Monitoring progress in education among individuals with disabilities

By Daniel Mont, an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre at University College London.  During his ten years at the World Bank he co-chaired the analytical working group of the UN Washington Group on Disability Statistics, and has published widely in the area of disability and poverty.  773 more words


Sci-Fi Is for Everyone: Six Stories About Marginalized Groups in Science Fiction

Genre literature has power. Mainstream science fiction, historically, has a representation problem. (Why are there no black people in the future? Or, better yet, why is there only one black person in the future?! 703 more words


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