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Nigeria: Why pupils learning in English and mother tongue are not mutually exclusive

This blog by Kieran Cooke from the Universal Learning Solutions, explains how a synthetic phonics approach can be taken to literacy education that can mean governments don’t have to choose between either instruction in English, or in their local language; children can learn in both. 750 more words


Paper 3: Objects of Study

What is the object of study in writing center studies? The obvious answer: writing centers. As discussed in my examination of the history of writing center studies, “writing center,” can refer to a place or a method, and often both simultaneously. 1,956 more words

Writing Center

Sandy and Danny acculturation

Becoming a Pink Lady and a Jock

Throughout the movie Grease, Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko forego their identities in the hopes of being like the other. 554 more words

"Men suck."

It was for this statement that I felt I had to unfollow a Facebook friend recently. It wasn’t the only thing that made the absolutely screwball, back-asswards social justice discourse on Facebook unbearable during the week in question, but it was kind of a breaking point with regards to my ability to not say anything about it. 802 more words


Episode #6: Marginal(ized) Music

https://sounditoutiicsi.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/episode-6-marginal-music.mp3This episode originally aired on CFRU 93.3FM on October 9th at 3pm. In it: Sean Michaels on Tanya Tegaq, Pamela Dwyer of the Cagibi and Mozart’s Sister on gender in the music industry, James Hale on jazz and John Stetch, Neelamjit Dhillon on his project Komagata Maru, Jeff Bird and Jeff Cairns on musical instruments as the storehouses of traditional music, and much much more.


How Can A Life Be Wrong?

Sarah was barren, and that was her whole identity. That was the purpose of being a woman in the Ancient Near East. And when God promised Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation, Sarah insisted that Abraham take Hagar, her slave, and get her pregnant, so that Sarah could have a baby that way. 985 more words

Paper 2: Major Questions

Scholarship in writing center studies seems to revolve around the four big questions: what, where, why, and how. In this paper, I will tackle the two seemingly simple questions of… 1,981 more words

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