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The possibility of development in the Kenyan Northen Frontier

Fifty years after independence, some counties in Kenya are marginalized and far from mainstream development. Article 204 of the Kenyan constitution provides for an equalization fund of 0.5% of the national budget to cover service provision and infrastructure development in marginalized areas. 677 more words


On LGbT and GGGL

How do you all feel about these acronyms?

Just in case you don’t know, LGbT and GGGL are ways of modifying the  LGBT acronym to point out some of the marginalization within the community. 250 more words


International Migrant Integration through Education in Japan

by Curran Cunningham

Following on from my previous blog, which showed the importance of migrant remittances, I now turn my attention to the role of education in assimilating second generation international migrant families into… 806 more words


In which I may become a villian

Many of you that read these blogs bring in understandings of my person that allow you to know my heart (for better or worse) 1,803 more words

Appropriation and Safe Spaces

I’m going to try to explain appropriation of terms by explaining safe spaces through a metaphor. 

There are certain words or terms that are important to certain groups of people. 564 more words

Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month

Leeds GATE

Having a sense of achievement for the things we accomplish, is vital for good health.This month has been an opportunity for the Gypsy and Traveller community to do just that. 905 more words

What Keeps Me Well

Thoughts on history, collective memory and what it means to listen

This year, I read comments and some articles about history, memory, oppression and reconciliation. The news site comments I read were so sad and so disturbed, that I wanted to press report, and I wanted to never look upon my computer screen again. 708 more words