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Outside the Margins

Every feel marginalized?  Ever feel set aside?  I have.

Back in high school, I remember desperately wanting to play varsity volleyball.  I played in a different league during the off-season to build my skills.  401 more words

Fortresses in Academia: A Personal Reflection

A young researcher or budding academic like me in India does not have things easy. Teaching and Research, what ideally should be the two sides of the same coin, cannot be done together.   1,255 more words

Society Seen Through Cultural Artifacts

My Weekly Frustration- Week 12: Listener Discretion Advised.

This week we continued our discusion of sound, though we focused more specifically on the gendering of sound. This might be a far stretch from what we actually read, but the readings started me thinking about the gendering of particular queer sounds. 416 more words


How To Love Your Hair (A History)

The first real memory you have of your hair is absence. Curls falling on water like crow feathers. Small pieces of you floating, circling.

In third grade, you refuse to cut your hair. 2,371 more words


SBE: Guest blog! (Week 11)

So this week I’ve got a special post about privilege, marginalization, and oppression for all of you! The following is written by a friend of mine, Evelyna Kay. 410 more words

Secondary Blog Entry

Searching for Ourselves in the Statehouse Reflection

Searching for Ourselves in the Statehouse Reflection


As I traveled through Jackson, Mississippi I took this photo. As I look at this photo again, I pause to reflect what a beautiful state capitol it is and what it represents. 228 more words


Ecopop Initiative - neue Textfassung

Die Ecopop Initiative ist zur Zeit in der Beratung durch die schweizerische Legislative. Es gibt viele Argumente für und gegen die verschiedenen Anliegen im Initiativtext. In der folgenden Fassung werden diese Anliegen noch deutlicher, und weniger restriktiv, vorgelegt. 451 more words

Equality - Gleichwertigkeit