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Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Al Sharpton: ‘Come On Down Here’ [VIDEO]

This is from The Daily Caller.

Al Sharpton does not want to understand the life and death decisions police officers face daily.

If Al understood how quickly these decisions have to be made he would not be able to protest the racist police officers that are not racists. 287 more words

Citizens for a Better Arizona (History and Analysis)

Success and failure are mere heartbeats away. Activist groups must rapidly evolve their product or face irrelevance. While the foundation is sound and principled, everything else must be pliable. 873 more words


Federal judge throws out Sheriff Joe Arpaio lawsuit against Obama immigration plan

This is no surprise, considering this is just another of Obummer’s hip pocket judges.  The only way to stop all of this is if the American people stopped paying taxes. 448 more words