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Why I'm cycling 81 miles

This is me yesterday, in sunny Pitlochry, looking pretty cheery with life. I had my reasons - the sun was shining, I had spent the day cycling with my husband and unlike the previous weeks effort, I hadn’t fallen off, run out of energy or cycled 10 miles in the pouring rain. 1,056 more words


By Improving Ourselves We Improve the World.

It is the singular most powerful act each of us can do – to simply know and master ourselves.


It's a shame euros do not portray the faces of great European intellectuals

Next week marks two very important birthdays: Immanuel Kant (22nd April) and William Shakespeare (23rd April). Kant is arguably one of the most important philosophers in the history of philosophy, and similarly William Shakespeare is generally regarded as the greatest playwright to grace the earth. 191 more words


Women Throughout History: Science Edition

As you’re sitting in your history classroom at school, reading or hearing a lecture about some of the most interesting inventions, and scientific advances throughout history, you hear names like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Galileo Galilei. 783 more words


Faces in Five: Curie

I wanted to do a nice homage to Marie Curie an important chemist who found out more about radioactivity for example. She did more than that and delivered a lot of important work with her research. 111 more words



On the 9th April eight years ago, my beautiful mother died of cancer. She remained positive until the end and her shining smile guides me every day today. 480 more words

Marie Curie- Superhero

Scishow does a great job of educating us in a fun way about Marie Curie and her importance to science. Get to know this pioneer.