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Home Health SLPs & .... Marijuana?

I just finished reading this interesting article from the ASHAsphere blog about the new laws in Colorado that legally allow the usage of marijuana. It points out, not only the implications it has for home health speech-language pathologists, but also the implications it has for children who ingest the drug (through prenatal usage or breastfeeding), including the potential for abnormal motor development and an increased risk of SIDS. 274 more words

Will Massachusetts Begin Taxing Medical Marijuana?

Passed in 2012, Massachusetts’ medical marijuana law allows registered patients with a diagnosed medical condition, including Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, HIV/AIDs, Krohn’s disease, hepatitis C, and cancer, to possess a 60-day supply of marijuana for personal medical use. 445 more words


Lawmakers Looking to Ban Synthetic Marijuana in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is fairly lenient state it comes to marijuana. Though full legalization of marijuana has yet to come to our state, a 2008 law decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, and a 2012 initiative eliminated penalties for medical use and possession of a 60-day supply of marijuana for individuals with state-issued cards. 417 more words

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