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Pro-Pot concerns

I read on a few websites.. reports that ‘experts’ are concerned that over 7 million ‘tweets’ per month are ‘Pro-Pot’ (15 times higher than anti-Pot). Most of the tweets were from people under 25, many teens ! 226 more words

Legal pot backers in Ohio trickle out details of 2015 issue

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – The marijuana legalization movement has arrived in Ohio with high-flying ambitions: making it the first state to move from a complete ban to complete legalization with a single vote. 593 more words


The home of Ben & Jerrys: Marijuana Investment gets ready, set, go in Vermont

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont could reap hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue if it were to legalize marijuana, but only if other nearby states don’t also jump on the bandwagon, according to a study released Friday. 524 more words


Colorado Attorney General to DEA: Let our colleges & universities research Marijuana

Colorado colleges may soon begin growing their own weed — that is, if a group of state officials have their way.

In a letter sent to federal health and education officials last month, the state’s attorney general’s office asked for permission for Colorado’s colleges and universities to “obtain marijuana from non-federal government sources” for research purposes, the Los Angeles Times… 312 more words


Josh Gordon Fails ANOTHER Drug Test, Faces ANOTHER One-Year "Banishment" from NFL [UPDATED]

Yes, Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle please!

This is why Josh Gordon cannot have nice things…

…like second-chances.

After a tedious appeal process re: his year-long suspension for the SAME EXACT infraction, Josh Gordon not only did it again — he got caught…again… 246 more words


Sugar cane everywhere in Cairns

I don’t like sugar, I get addicted, once I start I just can’t get enough of the stuff, which is bad, amongst a dozen side effects it rots teeth, makes you fat and makes my nephew run around like a crazy speed demon. 170 more words