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Marilyn Monroe skeleton makeup tutorial

Keeping up with my tutorial a day for halloween, I wanted to do something that didn’t require any special effects makeup for those of you that don’t have the time to order things like latex and wax before halloween. 151 more words


William Travilla

William Travilla (pronounced Tra-via) who went by the profession name of Travilla, was an American costume designer for theatre, film and television. He is perhaps best known for dressing Marilyn Monroe in eight of her films. 168 more words


Cautious about Causality

So I went to this Statistician of the Year Award Dinner the other night — same one I attended last year and thought about what message I got from it that I could convey here. 289 more words


Shall i compare thee to a summers day? We cant really compare any other poet to Shakespeare. Or another band to The Beatles. The ones that make history will be in our future. 282 more words