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Bourbon Steak Marinade

Another Disney favorite, from the Yachtsman Steakhouse. This marinade was super easy to make and pretty tasty. I only used half of the water because it didn’t fit in my bowl! 58 more words

Dinner Food

An Italian Sunday..

For a crowd-pleasing weekend meal, serve this menu and plenty of red wine for a comforting Italian-American feast.


The dish is a lean cut of beef pounded thin, then spread with a layer of grated cheese, fresh herbs, bits of prosciutto, raisins, and pine nuts, then rolled, tied, seared, and simmered for hours in tomato sauce. 272 more words


Chinese Restaurant - Char Siu Marinade

This marinade of ours makes for fantastic home-made Chinese restaurant “Char Siu” Pork Barbecue. We use it on all sorts of pork cuts, especially when we have off-cut pork belly pieces from trimming down to a St. 200 more words


Roasted Rosemary and Maple Glazed Pork

I had a craving for something maple the other day so I got busy combing through my cookbooks and the internet and decided to use what I learned to make my own take on maple-roasted, pork tenderloin.This came out great and I will definitely add it to the “make again” list. 248 more words

Spicy Kansas City Ribs

The star of the blog post today is my sweet husband! He was kind enough to smoke a rack of ribs for our lunch yesterday (I am a lucky woman!). 347 more words

Marinated Chicken with Potatoes and Chickpeas

One thing you should know about me is that I love chickpeas. No really, it’s serious. I go through about a can of chickpeas every other day (sometimes eating them straight out of the can, sometimes being a grown up and putting them in a salad), and I’ve been this way since childhood. 316 more words

Puerto Rican Style Roast Pork: Pernil with Homemade Adobo

Happy New Year foodies! I hope you all had a safe, fun, and happy New Years celebration! 🎉🎊
As you can tell from the title of this post, I’m expanding my cooking style. 500 more words