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Marination Challenge

This illustration is somehow related to the ice bucket challenge, but I forget exactly how. Today, by the way, is the anniversary of Katrina.

Digital Artwork

Boozy Beer Marinated Chicken

We students love our beer and alcohol, but have you ever tried cooking with it? I mean we all have plenty of it lying around our kitchen so why not spare one to cook with, you won’t miss it…much ;D… 441 more words


Broccoli Coconut Curry with Tofu

Confession: I licked my bowl after I finished my curry. This tangy, fresh dish is somewhere between a Thai curry and a summer stir-fry, and it really hit the spot. 628 more words


Chris Gregory's Chicken

Here’s a conversation I had many years ago with a blogger by the name of Chris Gregory. He sent me this email about how he prepared chicken, a meat I love. 327 more words


Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs

So I had a hankering after a Chinese pork dish. You know that special soy sauce salty/sweet taste with the pork fat melting in your mouth. 278 more words


Chicken and asparagus

The badly photographed dish is the first attempt at a healthy dinner consisting of freshly marinated chicken – no ready stuff – with boiled asparagus and seasoned tomatoes slightly browned. 70 more words

I Did It!

I made it to the finish line (and strutted across that stage).
And as surreal as it still feels, it really happened!

I graduated college, y’all. 706 more words

The Marinades