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What is Europe to do? Fiddle, fiddle and faddle

The EU could break up and desert the Euro. That’s one idea that’s been floated a lot. Spain exit (Spexit), Greece exit (Grexit), or a north-south split that would create a united Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, (and a few others) into a south Euro (Seuro) union, with Italy leading, and leave the rest of the EU as the core are floating on the winds of bloviators. 771 more words


A cover of The Economist, Freud, an ice cream, Matteo Renzi & what humour can tell about Europe

This week’s cover of the UK, continental Europe and Middle East edition of The Economist┬áreads “That sinking feeling (again)” and features the German Chancellor, France’s President, Italy’s Prime Minister and the President of the European Central Bank (curious to see two Italians on board…) on a sinking boat made of a 20 Euro note. 635 more words


The Last Days of Summer

by Ralph Cole, CFA
Executive Vice President of Research

The U.S. economy was indeed stronger than first reported in the second quarter as estimates were revised higher this week when the commerce department reported that the U.S. 391 more words

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Notes From Underground: The ECB Is On the Horns of a Dilemma ... Again

Let us continue where last night’s blog ended. This week’s move by the French President Hollande to reshuffle the government’s cabinet should be perceived as a way for France to negotiate for a depreciation in the… 760 more words


Notes From Underground: Been Gone So Long It Looks Like 1939

It has been refreshing to sit and watch the world spin without the pressure to react to the daily dose of instability. Europe is devolving into the mess that I have been blogging about for almost five years. 932 more words



25 August 2014

She was at work. She was trying to read an article about Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank and quantitative easing. She had already eaten a sandwich at a local and (as usual) overpriced sandwich shop. 40 more words


France's Hollande demands new government after leftist dissent

* Valls hands in govt resignation after internal criticism

* Focus on fate of outspoken leftist economy minister

* Crucial moment for future reforms, 2015 budget (Adds bond yields, analyst, Filipetti) 931 more words