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My top 10 Mario Kart courses of all time.

This article was first published on Gameluster.com on May 16. I have not updated it at all so mentions of Mario Kart 8 remain as they were originally written and I have not updated the list at all with new courses. 1,718 more words

Wii U

Mario Kart 7

Here we go!

It’s back! Mario Kart returns on a handheld console with the latest release; Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. It has difficult footsteps to follow in, coming as it does after  917 more words


Mario kart 7 how to unlock all tires/gliders

All Tires



Red monster







Gold tires

Random coin unlock for tires

50-5000 coins except gold tires, to unlock gold tires get 3 stars for every cup on 50cc… 30 more words

Mario Kart 7 How To Unlock All Karts

All Karts


Pipe frame

Bolt buggy

Blue seven


Cloud 9

Koopa clown


Tiny tug

Barrel train

Egg 1

B dasher

Soda jet… 32 more words

The Long and Winding Road – Part IV

On the last part of this Mario Kart overview, Mario Kart 7 delivers the most solid and balanced game of the franchise, and we look ahead to see what Mario Kart 8 might bring. 915 more words


Mario Kart 7; A Retrospect

By James Sweeting

The Mario Kart 8 launch is upon us, it has been released in Japan, Mario Kart TV has just launched, and in the West many retailers have broken the street date. 891 more words


The complete history of Mario Kart

When you think about, it really sounds like a stupid idea for a game.

I mean, what was Nintendo thinking? “Let’s just put all of the Mario characters in little karts and have them race and throw banana peels at each other.” Um, OK? 1,310 more words