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To open the New Year I am picking a book extraordinaire. I believe an average reader of my post has read the American all time classic entitled… 393 more words

An offer I can't refuse...

A film based on a book, accompanied by a live symphony. That’s what’s on the writerly agenda this evening…a whole lot of filling the artistic well! 121 more words

Writer For 365

Mario Puzo

” A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns.”

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Daily Quote

Great men are not born great. They grow great

Great men are not born great. They grow great. -Mario Puzo, the Godfather

I believe that a man has to make a name for himself. Most of the time, in our society right now, being associated with somebody who is in a position, gives them power, influence, pride, etc.

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"Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgement"

The book that I have read over and over again, maybe four times already. The last time I believe was more than five years ago and I’m planning to read it again. 142 more words

Convince Me: Why is "The Godfather" (1972) so great?

In the inaugural “Convince Me” post, wherein one of us tries to convince the other why a movie is truly great, Nick tries to convince Ryan on¬†Francis Ford Coppola’s… 1,054 more words

The strength of your characters.

Stories would not be anything if they did not have characters. They are the building blocks not only of the story, but of the things your story is made out of. 2,386 more words