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James Hadley Chase vs. Mario Puzo

I’m currently on vacation and I had reason to visit my library. Guess what I unearthed? Don James Hadley Chase’ books. I can’t begin to explain what role JHC played in my reading habit. 356 more words

If I were you..

Possibilities are kind of reliant on probabilities, it is considered very silly to presuppose or imagine something surreal. Fantasy dwellers, daydreamer, and stupid, you would be called one of these if you imagine or mind-craft something unthinkable. 324 more words

The Godfather

Time: 175 Minutes
Age Rating: Violence
Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone
Al Pacino as Michael Corleone
James Caan as Sonny Corleone
Richard Castellano as… 659 more words