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Bad Movie Studios - Watch me pulla rabbit out of my hat (2 Reviews in a day!, Super Mario 3D Land)

Yes, I have another review video for you beautiful people. 2 in a day has to be some kind of record. A Pathetic record, but a record none-the-less. 39 more words


Here Are Nine Adorable Super Mario Cats. Have A Good Friday.

YouTuber 9 Cats has made a cat video based on Super Mario Bros. Why? This person has nine cats. Of course they set up some Mario pipes and mystery blocks and put hats on cats. 65 more words


Super Mario Galaxy Review

(Originally published in 2007)

It’s been over 5 years in the making, but on November 16th 2007, the prayers of Mario fans across the globe were finally answered, as Mario returned in what could be described as not only his greatest game to date, but arguably the greatest game of the 7th console generation. 955 more words


TransMiiverse Storytelling

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has said that unlike Facebook and Twitter, he considers Miiverse to be an “experience sharing network” (Sato, 2013). Dr. Tom Abba and Hazel Grian (2014) argue that for writers and designers of transmedia stories it is useful to consider your role as “experience design.” So by tying an experience sharing service to various apps and games, does the Miiverse allow for meaningful contributions to a transmedia narrative? 415 more words


Life is all a Work in Progress.... Here's some of mine.

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, sometimes I get lots of things all going at the same time and when I take just a second to breathe its all a bit overwhelming.   462 more words


Princess Peach FanArt

This is a Disney Princess style Princess Peach that I complete a few weeks ago. I feel like Peach is seriously overlooked, but she’s so wonderful!