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Lemmy Koopa Crochet Pattern

This is my very first crochet pattern. Lemmy Koopa is one of the Koopalings from the Mario games. I made him for my brother’s birthday. He’s about a foot tall. 1,621 more words


The Lounge: Our Scariest Moments in Gaming

It’s finally Halloween! Movies normally make the scariest points in life out to be a murder at summer camp or a burned old man killing teens in their dreams. 1,491 more words


Nintendo Creates A Wonderful Mario Mural In Moscow

Nintendo Russia has gotten super creative with spray cans and hired a team of talented artists to draw a wonderful Mario themed mural in central Moscow. 24 more words


How to draw Mario's shyest enemy: A bashful Boo!

First, draw a circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Then, add some nubbinses for the arms and tail, like so (the tail can be tough!) 32 more words


Flashback Friday - Mario

Dodging barrels, kicking Goombas, and saving the princess is what Mario does best. We all know his signature blue overalls and his mustache; this signature look as became a beloved icon over the last three decades. 1,747 more words