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Super Mario RPG - SNES

Just what is this game?

This is another game that I’ve only heard about and never played. And while the idea of a Mario RPG is intriguing, I’m curious as to whether or not the character has the depth to pull it off. 123 more words


Top 5 Friday: My Most Games Finished Per Series

Rather than do an opinion-based list this week, I decided to do one based entirely on facts and numbers. Quite simply, I’ve ranked the five game franchises in which I’ve finished the most games.



Nintendo’s sixth generation home console, the Gamecube, is probably one of my favourite pieces of gaming hardware ever. Sure, it looks like it’s made of Lego, something that is arguably responsible for it’s early demise, not being able to compete with it’s slicker cousins: the PS2 and Xbox. 291 more words


Nintendo: Beginning of the End?

After more than half a century as a leader in the video game industry, Nintendo is in trouble. Revenue has fallen in fiscal year 2014, and stakeholders have been getting antsy over Nintendo’s recent string of blunders. 1,643 more words


Random Fact: Mario Dies

The super Mario on the cover of the game that we have all learned to know and love?  Yeah, he is dying.  And apparently not only dying from the fact that he is about to fall into the lava but he is also about to be hit by one of Bowser’s fireballs (I always assumed that was one of Mario’s fireballs but it can’t be since it is in the brick wall). 20 more words

Random Facts

Super Mario Sunshine Review - Partly Cloudy Skies

The Nintendo Lunchbox, er, Gamecube, was always a system that defines a certain aspect of my history of playing games – the break-up. After a bit of time with a Gamecube as a child, our family got a PS3, which was all new and shiny and not a lunchbox. 1,282 more words

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