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Mario Jumps Into Battle!

Ever wonder what Mario would look like in the real world? No, I am not talking about the “movie” that was made in the 90’s. I am talking about taking the actual video game character and putting him in the real world. 14 more words

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Video Game Childhood

Hi everyone! What was your first videogame? How did it impact your life? Here’s my story :)

This was the beginning of my childhood. Apart from all the great others things, such as legos, building blocks, and chutes and ladders, this was where I spent the majority of my time. 254 more words


Awesome Details In Mario Kart 8 That You Probably Haven't Noticed

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, but it’s a snapshot from our upcoming Mario Kart 8 review

Paper Mario: Sticker Star just $10 at GameStop

Paper Mario: Sticker Star came out a while ago, but GameStop has brought out a special deal for the 3DS title. Sticker Star is available now… 27 more words

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[Toons] Boo Rush

I’ve had an artist block for a while and figured that I’d take a break from drawing pinups.
So I decided to draw my two favorite plumbers as they run away from Boos! 195 more words


Mario seems to be in a rush in this video

Our favorite red plumber is approaching trouble once again, this time, a little bit more realistically. A fan made video shows Mario getting ready for the new Smash Bros. 73 more words

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Poll: What type of Mario game do you want?

I’ve been hearing it all over the Internet, outside in ┬áthe real world, and even with some family members. What type of Mario game do you want to play next? 25 more words

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