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The All Time Low-Down: Marist's Fall Concert

By Derek Rose and Katherine Louie

On Thursday, September 25th, Marist College held its fall concert in The McCann Recreational Center. Open to all Marist students, tickets sold for only $10, making it a feasible activity for everyone to enjoy. 429 more words

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Alum and Motivational Speaker Inspires Current Students

On October 9th, Marisel Herrera—the Director of First Year Success at Arizona State University—spoke to an eager Marist audience. The event was hosted by the Center of Multicultural Affairs, which specifically contacted Herrera—who is also a life coach, author, poet and educator—because she received her bachelor’s degree from Marist in 1994. 459 more words

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Talking Turkey

I had never had Turkish food before. This was no surprise, considering that the Valley Café rarely serves something that I have eaten before. But the real shock was how incredibly good it was. 264 more words


Marist alums; the journey from students to campus leaders

With 36,000 Marist alumni worldwide, there is no shortage of people who have studied at Marist over the years. There are dozens of notable Marist alumni such as Fox News political commentator Bill O’Reilly ’71 and 1-800-Flowers President and entrepreneur Christopher McCann ’83. 1,061 more words

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Through the Eyes of a Freshman- Fall Break: Expectation vs Reality

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY- Fall Break, for the most part is the first time Marist College freshman get to return to their hometown since leaving in August. Some are excited to be home with their family, to see their high school friends, to sleep in their own room, to have home cooking for the first time in two months. 1,206 more words

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Dayton player kicks off, scores touchdown on the same play

Often players that kick off stay a bit back on the return to play a prevent sort of defense. But when kickers push up on the return, they’re occasionally gifted plays like the one that happened to the University of Dayton’s William Will. 45 more words


Kicker Returns His Own Kickoff For A TD [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

The first thing you need to know is this guy has two names. His parents are obviously not the most astute people in the world, so thank God his last name wasn’t Dick — God know what they would have paired with it. 63 more words