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Fewer Sexual Partners, Bigger Weddings, Happier Marriages?

If you ask me how many sexual partners I had before I married, I’ll probably awkwardly casually put my hand up to my mouth and mumble through my fingers some number between “three” and “thirty-three” depending on how good your hearing is. 597 more words


Subconscious Positivity Predicts Marriage Success...

..and conversely, negativity predicts turmoil and failure. In attachment type terms, both avoidant types (Dismissive-Avoidant and Fearful-Avoidant) have a negative view of attached others in general, while… 795 more words


Helicopter Parenting: A Bad Recipe For Your Marriage

You have heard the unfortunate statistic that approximately half of all marriages end in divorce. Yet what about the other half? Are they happy? This might not be the most uplifting topic yet it warrants discussion. 395 more words