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R dealing with NULL values while converting list to matrix

Suppose I have a structure like the following:

data = structure(list(person = structure(list(name = "A, B", 
        gender = "F", dead = NULL), .Names = c("name", 
        "gender", "dead")), person = structure(list(name = "C", 
        gender = "M", dead = "RIP"), .Names = c("name", 
        "gender", "dead"))), .Names = c("person", "person"))
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How can I make the slider bar to be touchable on iPad?

I have 3 slide bars on my website and I can’t move it by finger on iPad. The only way to move it is to tap on places where should to be the next step. 86 more words

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How extract array from string json?

I have this string :

$string =  '{"2r0ij":{"id":"2r0ij","title":"Official Reddit announcements","subscribers":7225390}}'

and I want convert to array. I tried with json_decode($string), but result is null. Same result with print_r($string). 15 more words

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The Friend Zone.

* All names in this blog have been changed to protect the innocent. And also those who are just a little bit shit…

When Les Misérables came out in cinemas, a friend of mine asked if I’d like go see it with her. 1,203 more words


Tears and Rain [Les Misérables]

He didn’t understand what was happening when he first saw them there, huddled together in the street. He had been wandering around the streets when a quiet conversation had caught his attention, and deciding that it was worth a look, he slowed down. 944 more words


Why is add and assign (+=) behaving strangely with numpy.ndarrays?

consider the following Python code:

import numpy

a = numpy.random.rand(3,4)
b = numpy.random.rand(3,4)

c = a
c += b

c/2. - (a + b)/2.

The result of the last line is not an array with zeros. 68 more words

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Two double acts!

As long as there have been stories there have been pairings of characters – Holmes and Watson, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Wooster and Jeeves – the list goes on and on. 692 more words
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