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Cover reveal for Healer's Touch

It’s here, the cover for Healer’s Touch! I love how this one turned out. This book will be out in late November. As to who the guy is on the cover, all I can tell you right now is that his name is Marius and you haven’t met him yet. 10 more words

Hearts And Thrones

Marius by michel chapoutier

Marius Red is a wine that combines power, complexity and elegance.


“A good wine is a wine you want to taste again”, my great grandfather used to say.

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Make all lower case and replace spaces with -

I am trying to generate some html pages and I have:

$category="Category Name";
$zone="Zone Name";

I am trying to get $page="category-name-in-zone-name.html"

Answer @ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26414758/make-all-lower-case-and-replace-spaces-with

If you want to see WOOP answers ;)


Json response only value but key + value needed

The following PHP code translates only the values but I also need the key to each value:

How it should be (desired output):

[{"ID":"1","styleNo":"1","styleName":"Casual","placeholder":"Left Initial","type":"text","maxlength":"1","size":"small","position":"1"},{"ID":"2","styleNo":"1","styleName":"Casual","placeholder":"Right Initial","type":"text","maxlength":"1","size":"small","position":"2"},{"ID":"3","styleNo":"1","styleName":"Casual","placeholder":"Center Initial","type":"text","maxlength":"1","size":"small","position":"3"}]
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The Silk Tree: Getting a Historical Mindset

It’s just a month today to the launch of The Silk Tree, my upcoming historical novel set in the time of Emperor Justinian.

All of my Thomas Kydd books have been based in the Georgian era, 200-odd years ago. 728 more words


how to add the script to the wordpress page

I am trying to create the appear and disappear effect as found on this page http://ift.tt/1pQjHnj , there are three scripts getting fired
jquery-1.9.1.js, jquery-ui.js and then there is a third script without a name. 24 more words


How to setup DEV/PROD website on public IP

This is for
Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I have a server with a certain IP address (example I want to setup a DEV, a TEST and PROD environment. 68 more words