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Magical Thinking: AHS Recap

As much as I’d like to tear the concept of this episode apart, it seems pointless to beat a dead and rotting horse. Last episode solidified this season as a hot ass mess, so we may as well try to move forward as best we can since we only have two more episodes to go. 1,295 more words


American Horror Story - Marjorie - 2015

Marjorie and Chester

American Horror Story: Freak Show unveiled killer devil doll Marjorie in the episode Magical Thinking. In the classic Talky Tina/Twilight Zone tradition we are left to wonder – is she real, or is Chester just craaaazy?


Crazy Yacht Parties: Tales Of A Crazy Biatch Bonus Round

Have you read about Marjorie before?  If so, continue, if not, here’s some context.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

So, of course, Marjorie had a lot of other stories that I just couldn’t fit in because they just weren’t as bat shit crazy as the rest of her stories, but there was one that I remembered, and I thought, “My god, this would get me so many views and people might use these stories in work seminars to explain why you should avoid crazy—I SHOULD TOTALLY TELL IT!” 442 more words