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Five Tips for Eating Healthy On The Run (Guest Post)

Happy hump day! Today I am incredibly excited to bring you a guest post from my brother! I knew he’d offer some great insight into how he stays healthy with such a busy life in the city (Washington, DC). 1,512 more words

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How Food Marketers Made Butter the Enemy - —By Tom Philpott| Wed Apr. 9, 2014 3:00 AM PDT1

James McWilliams—a historian who has made a name for himself in prestigious publications like the New York Times and The Atlantic for hiscontrarian defenses of the food industry… 464 more words


Mark Bittman: "What's wrong with what we eat"

I recently watched a TED talk on food consumption in America. While it’s main focus is more of the meat industry, and less of processed foods, I see many similarities in the arguments for “reducing processed foods” and “reducing meat intake.” I think Mark points out a bunch of strong arguments for why and how the things we consume alter the environments we live in and around. 61 more words

Police and Aliens

Two more mock-up editorial illustrations for today! Pow!

First up was an article that was in the Guardian a while ago, about undercover policemen having relationships with the people they’re spying on, which you can read… 234 more words


Why Mark Bittman Isn't Vegan

In his article for Opinionator in the NY Times, Mark Bittman soundly covers all the basic reasons why vegans choose to go vegan: industrial agriculture, environmental degradation, deplorable living and dying conditions for farmed animals, and human health. 1,018 more words


Bittman says: "Butter is Back"

Mark Bittman changed my life a few years ago with his book, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. The book not only expanded my horizons in the kitchen with its simple recipes, but also served as a sort of desk reference for vegetables, fruits, and grains I had heard of but had never tried.  378 more words

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