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5 Hacks to Kickstart a Dream

It’s nice to dream. Heck, I’m sure everyone, from the server at my fave restaurant, to the high-powered executive of a Fortune 100 company will agree. 1,233 more words


Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata with Sweet Vidalia Onion, Asiago, and Thyme

I finally did it. After years of foregoing the frittata for other, more common variations of the egg such as the scramble, omelet, hard-boiled, baked, and the fried egg, I finally crafted what I will coin as one of my “first original works”. 513 more words


Christy's Favorite Book of 2014: THE HIP GIRL'S GUIDE TO THE KITCHEN

Every year, our marketing department works with our booksellers and book buyers to put together our Winter Catalog, a collection of our favorite books of 2014 along with recommendations for holiday gifts. 433 more words

Today's Foodism: Seeing is Believing . . .

…yet in today’s gawker-intensive society, combine the two and you get ‘food porn.’ At least I know what that is and, dare I say, I sometimes have an affinity for it.


Three cheers for Tom 1

If you’ve followed the blog then you have likely followed the soap opera that is our turkey raising. We scored a tom (Turk) and a hen ( 830 more words

"we are beginning to see the power of food as an issue"

Mark Bittman’s article in the New York Times, Nov. 25, 2014.

There are four basic ways to change the food system. I talk about three of them a lot: The first is to eat differently, focusing on good food and especially plants; the second is to bring change to your work, whether that means becoming a farmer or helping other people eat better through your role as a teacher, doctor, artist, techie, lawyer or journalist. 68 more words

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Stir fried chicken with ketchup

For those of you who read my last post and dismissed it out of hand because of the ridiculously long list of ingredients, I bring you another chicken and rice dish with very few. 444 more words