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My Food Journey (Plus, Tasty Tex-Mex Taters!)

A year ago, when I first started telling friends about the great guy I was dating, I was a bit surprised and then amused by everyone’s reaction when I shared he was vegan. 409 more words

Eat Me

NYT Recipe Archive Online

What’s this, what’s this? The New York Times has put their entire recipe archive online for free. That’s 16,000 recipes available to anyone with a net connection and a penchant for deliciousness. 74 more words


The Mystery Of Mark Bittman

I am a fan of Mark Bittman’s thoughtful columns in the new York Times. He often writes about animal welfare and the impact of livestock on climate, and understands better than most the connection between factory-farming, meat-eating, and these issues. 720 more words


The Muffin Deception

I made vegan meatballs tonight.  Not because I had something to prove, or lovely Bohemian dinner guests. I’m not considering a change of lifestyle- she says as she takes another bite of ice cream- not even for only two meals a day.   511 more words

Bittman: Forget Mise en Place!

I don’t do mise en place, do you? In other words, I do not prepare all of my ingredients that will go into a meal before I start cooking. 80 more words

Food And Wine


And now comes the season of experimentation. During the summer months, when it’s usually hot out, I’m less likely to want to experiment much with cooking techniques over a hot stove or next to a hot oven. 723 more words

Cooking At Home