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Chickpeas in their Own Broth with Chorizo

Emily’s Rating Chris’s Rating 7 / 10 5 / 10

A quick yet hearty soup/stew/side of beans, this is pretty good considering the cheapness and quickness of the dish. 82 more words


Home Cooking: A Call to Action

Some days, it’s just about getting a meal on table. It’s about getting the job done simply for nourishment. On these days the desire for elaborate dishes, fancy tableware and expensive ingredients take a back seat. 201 more words

Food Philosophy

Watch Mark Bittman explain the virtues of fast food

When I was 20, my mother bought me a copy of Mark Bittman’s seminal How To Cook Everything as a housewarming gift for my first apartment. 191 more words


The Pen and Ink Cookbook

I told Mark Bittman this week that I really love his food triage, the graphic, entertaining ‘food flow chart’ as I call it, that he has frequently published in the New York Times. 448 more words

New York Times

Who's in the Kitchen?

No one is in the kitchen, not even Dinah. Nor is anyone making dinner, not even “simple, easy, everyday meals,” per chef Mark Bittman in the October 20 issue of… 277 more words

Favorite Foods

Don't blame Bittman, family meals are important

I heard a piece on the CBC recently that rubbed me the wrong way. Then my friend sent me a link to this interview with the author of the study being discussed on the CBC. 465 more words

Newsflash: Kids Will Eat What You Put in Front of Them and Are Not Programmed to Eat Junk.

But if they are offered a bunch of junk, then that is what they will eat. I will never forget when my son was in second grade and one of his classmates said that the food I had made for dinner was “so disgusting.” It wasn’t—just a simple meal of homemade chicken tenders, a green salad, and a fruit plate—but it wasn’t from a box or a bag, or something that was cooked in the microwave. 511 more words

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