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Check this out: Rethinking World Food Production

This is an AWESOME article by Mark Bittman. His point is spot on and I wish that everyone would read this and take note.

“The difference between you and the hungry is not production levels; it’s money. 37 more words

Minority Race/Poor/Indigenous Rights

Day 4---Typing Explosion

My thanks to Seattle artists Sarah Paul Ocampo, Sierra Nelson and Rachel Kessler of “Typing Explosion” for writing the following poem about my blog!


Who's in the Kitchen?

(Please note: this was first posted on my new website YourBiography2.com.)

No one is in the kitchen, not even Dinah. Nor is anyone making dinner, not even “simple, easy, everyday meals,” per chef Mark Bittman in an October issue of… 277 more words

Odds And Ends

Interesting Information: The Nine Ingredients For a Healthier America

Interesting Information:  November 17, 2014

“The Nine Ingredients For A Healthier America”

Friend Gina Caceci mailed me The Washington Post‘s copy of this opinion piece by Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan, Ricardo Salvador, and Olivier De Schutter. 157 more words

Interesting Information

Food News

Food issues are increasingly in the news.  Civil Eats presents a summary and argument for the establishment of a National Food Policy promoted by Michael Pollan,  Mark Bittman,  et al.   213 more words


Buying Your Way to a Better World

A friend linked me to this article a few weeks back: (Only) Two Rules For a Good Diet from the New York Times opinion pages. 1,365 more words


How Right I Was

Several weeks ago in this space, I speculated that “smart people” would address the “obesity epidemic” by regulating the American diet.  How right I was. 390 more words

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