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Prost! Spuds in suds

I absolutely love beer. Did you know that about me? You probably did, because either you know me and drink with me regularly, or you don’t know me but read my blog anyway and notice how, in my photos, I usually artfully arrange my plates in front of a pint of my favorite beverage. 746 more words


TED- Mark Bittman: what's wrong with what we eat.

Here at friendswithsalad we like to promote the importance of including vegetables and fruit in your everyday lifestyle and diet… Hence the name of course! And to support this crusade in highlighting the importance to not only our own but the worlds health Mark Bittman has spoken on TEDTALKS about why what we are consuming in western culture is simply just not good for us or the world we live in. 66 more words

Sweating the Small Stuff: Eggplant

This past weekend we planted a couple of apple trees, a Gala and a Red Delicious, in our side yard, but, curiously, the domestic advancement that was most exciting to me was finally picking our eggplants (about 80 days from the time we planted our seedlings in the square foot garden) and making some… 341 more words

Family Life

The Magic of Showing Up: Sometimes You Get to See KISS

I am just as lazy as the next guy.  In fact, I may be even more lazy than the next guy.  I know I put up a decent front of holding down a family and raising a job, but don’t let that fool you.  2,858 more words

Baking Bread (When Bread Is A Metaphor)

When I was about 14, I asked my mother to get me a pasta machine for my birthday. I never got a pasta machine, but that there is a little glimpse into my priorities as a teenager. 1,091 more words


Recommended Baking Adventures: August 2014

It’s been a pleasure to continue baking even as I start working. Unfortunately, this means that more pictures are taken at night, resulting in less attractive images overall. 377 more words


Mark Bittman and Dr Mark Hyman are Right: Skinny Green Smoothies can save



It’s pretty clear that cow farts are killing mankind. It’s not the cows’ fault: They can and will fart any time they want. It’s fair.

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