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Mark Fisher - "he was an asshole"

Mark Fisher describes how he, soon after he finished high school, he flew down to Clearwater to become an auditor.  As he was so young, he was chosen to join the CMO – and when he was taken up to his quarters (or “berthing” in Scientologese) he found out his roommate was David Miscavige. 43 more words

David Miscavige

The Stubborn Persistence of Post-Capitalist Utopia: Part I- Post-Apocalyptic Capitalism

One reoccurring charge against postmodernism and poststructuralism alike is that they are unable to think utopia.

At first pass, this certainly seems plausible, after all postmodernism in Lyotard’s famous formulation was defined as “incredulity towards metanarratives.” For another example, in all of Derrida’s work on deconstruction, did he not (perhaps admirably) refuse to offer an alternative to logocentrism? 1,438 more words


Keller @ Large: GOP Candidates For Governor Take Part In WBZ-TV Roundtable

BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller moderated a roundtable discussion between the two Republican candidates for governor, Mark Fisher and Charlie Baker.

The two discussed a wide range of issues and expressed some significant differences in opinion during the televised exchange at WBZ-TV on Keller @ Large. 124 more words


Glendale football: Mauk's new challenge

For family, he walked away from his baby. To outsiders, that seemed like the hard part. You give 31 years to a small town in a football state, become the face of a high school powerhouse and say goodbye. 1,116 more words


You're a bypass case

Mark Fisher was in Scientology for more than 15 years. He ended up becoming a corporate liaison to Miscavige, supervising his household and carrying out special assignments. 154 more words

David Miscavige

The X-Factor Society - Finding Ourselves Unwilling Participants

“If capitalism is to go on in the history of mankind, then the history of mankind must become the place of total violence, because only the violence of competition can decide the value of time” 2,576 more words

My Acceptance to Suffolk University School of Law

After much anticipation, contemplation, & deliberation. I am pleased to announce that I will be going to Suffolk Law School this fall to pursue my Juris Doctorate–which is right in the heart of Boston! 193 more words