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HOLMBERG: Step into the noisy, soulful past at the Field Days in Rockville

ROCKVILLE- The Field Days of the Past in the country just west of Richmond’s Short Pump is like a State Fair with all kinds of antique machines that shaped this land. 338 more words

Mark Holmberg Reports

HOLMBERG: NFL fumbles domestic violence, but so do we

RICHMOND, Va. — To me, there’s really nothing surprising about this whole Ray Rice domestic violence mess.

It’s not surprising that  this powerful leading rusher for the Baltimore Ravens knocked out his fiancé in an apparent alcohol-fueled argument in an elevator. 579 more words

Mark Holmberg Reports

Gaston's Monster Sinkhole

The hole that swallowed cars and property 10 years ago. Click the pic

The 804

HOLMBERG: The monster sinkhole from Gaston, 10 years later

RICHMOND, Va. — As far as Richmond is concerned, it was the mother of all sinkholes.

The corner of E. Grace Street and S. 31st Street just dropped like a plate falling in slow motion after tropical storm Gaston dumped 12-and-a-half inches on the River City ten years ago, on August 29, 2004. 1,546 more words


HOLMBERG: Historic testimony from Gov. Bob McDonnell, in the biggest campaign of his life

RICHMOND, Va. — In the midst of the soap opera at Richmond’s Federal Courthouse, it’s easy to forget the vast historic significance of this trial. 637 more words


HOLMBERG: It's a crime that we don't know who police shoot and how often

RICHMOND, Va. — We’ve been hearing a lot about racial injustice since an unarmed teen was shot to death in Missouri on August 9.

So just how often do white – or black – police officers shoot African-Americans in this country? 628 more words


HOLMBERG: Testimony seems to back up 'bimbo defense' in McDonnell corruption trial

RICHMOND, Va. — Yes, it’s a historic, first-ever corruption trial of a Virginia governor.

It’s also a national scandal that blew the high-flying political career of… 690 more words