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Read Mark Holmberg's commentary following the violent deaths of two New York City police officers

RICHMOND, Va. — Two police officers assassinated in NYC – finally, a crash of cymbals after weeks of a steady cultural drumbeat about racist, brutal cops. 571 more words


HOLMBERG: Being lifted up by the king of elevator geeks

RICHMOND, Va. — People get caught up in all kinds of unusual hobbies. There are car geeks, boat and plane geeks, doll, clothing and shoe geeks. 320 more words


HOLMBERG: Cyberterrorists blow up a key freedom, over a dumb comedy

Scary, deeply disturbing and pretty vacant.

Real cyber-terrorism from North Korea, coupled with wild threats of 9/11-type attacks, have created a bomb at the box office, killing the Christmas major motion picture release of “The Interview,” a goofy comedy about a pretend assassination of dictator Kim Jung Un. 730 more words


HOLMBERG: Rolling Stone rolls the dice and loses with UVa. gang rape story

RICHMOND, Va. — I wouldn’t want to be Rolling Stone magazine right about now.

The magazine’s explosive University of Virginia gang rape story kicked that historic school founded by Thomas Jefferson right in the, well . 510 more words


HOLMBERG: Cats, raccoons, people -- wild times on river spot

HOLMBERG– Can cats, kittens, raccoons and the occasional otter mix with humans and get along?

That’s what happens down on Water Street on the James River downtown nearly every day. 277 more words


HOLMBERG: A Thanksgiving story -- 'Beating The Odds' -- 25 years later

RICHMOND, Va. — Twenty-five years ago in Richmond, there wasn’t much to be thankful about this time of year.

Crack cocaine had come to town and the streets literally ran red with blood. 2,660 more words


HOLMBERG: So easy these days not to be thankful

Do we really know how lucky, how blessed we are, to be living in this country, at this time?

We get so caught up in the thankfully rare cultural shocks like we been seeing in Ferguson, Missouri, or the big Ebola scare that really rocked us only because of our fear. 607 more words