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HOLMBERG: Blighted former Ashland gathering spot shines anew as a restaurant

ASHLAND, Va. — For the better part of 30 years, Jacob “Jake” Speers’ old  gas station and dry goods store on the western edge of Ashland was a an eyesore. 612 more words


HOLMBERG: Will Virginia finally get a state song it deserves?

RICHMOND, Va. — Oh, sing a song of Virginia!

One our delegates can sing, or at least hum. Or maybe just one that they can agree upon! 343 more words


One neighborhood along the mighty James River hosts an abundance of eagles

Wow. The eagles have certainly landed on the coastal plains of Virginia.

One neighborhood on the mighty James River in Prince George County is seeing dozens of them. 468 more words

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HOLMBERG: Homeless artist draws on inspiration from strangers

RICHMOND, Va. — Albert C. Trower has been around. In and out of rooming houses and occasional jail cells for burglary, the 54-year-old drifter has grown fond of sleeping and living outdoors. 564 more words

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Formerly homeless Singing Shorty brings havoc song to VCU basketball

RICHMOND, Va. — “Man, I’ve been singing on the streets for a good 20 years,”

So says “Singing Shorty,” also known as Alphonso Washington.

I’ve known him for many of those years, back when he was a homeless alcoholic, roaming the Fan and Jackson Ward, firing up his gravelly baritone whenever the mood struck – often when he was properly lubricated. 346 more words

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HOLMBERG: To be a child, singing in a big cathedral on Christmas Eve

RICHMOND, Va. — This time 110 years ago, they were still laying the Virginia granite and Indiana limestone on the Cathedral of the Sacred here in Richmond. 321 more words


Read Mark Holmberg's commentary following the violent deaths of two New York City police officers

RICHMOND, Va. — Two police officers assassinated in NYC – finally, a crash of cymbals after weeks of a steady cultural drumbeat about racist, brutal cops. 571 more words