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The Lego Movie

Everyone who is hot in Hollywood today stars in this film about Lego men and women and the evil Lego man that only want things built according to the instruction manual for reasons that only become clear during the last third of the film at precisely the same time when you might feel like you need a break from all the non-stop frenetic, hectic, out your mind kinetic action, and coincidentally ALSO at precisely the same time when you may find yourself pleasantly surprised to discover that there’s a twist that’s heartwarming and cute and a little bit like a nudge in the shoulder and a wink out of the corner of the eye, but it also doesn’t really make sense logically, so if that’s gonna bother you then just don’t want the movie, but if your nine years old or you just want to watch a kids movie about Legos, then get ready to enjoy incredible production design and some of the best action sequences that have ever been realized on the screen! 44 more words

We're Pinheads All (Devo)

I was in that big Victorian pub opposite the big Victorian Free Trade Hall in Manchester. The F.T.H.was built to commemorate the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846 on the site of the Peterloo massacre, a landmark event in British radicalism when a meeting to protest economic conditions & a lack of political representation was charged by cavalry leaving 15 dead & many more injured. 1,211 more words


Mark Mothersbaugh - Thinking Cap

“Journey into the alchemical mind of Mark Mothersbaugh — cofounder of Devo, pioneer of flagrant weirdness, maker of children’s music and collector of superannuated musical fire hazards — with the latest installation of our Thinking Cap series. 29 more words


Weird Live Review: Hardcore DEVO

These day’s, it’s pretty common for veteran bands to dedicate entire shows to a single album. Everyone from the Pixies to Cheap Trick to Kraftwerk have jumped on that particular nostalgia bandwagon. 983 more words