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Does the Ferguson audio recording backup Officer Wilson's version of the shooting?

Does the Ferguson audio recording backup Officer Wilson’s version of the shooting?

It might be the sound of Michael Brown losing his life. A company that makes a video conferencing app confirms audio of gunshots in Ferguson was recorded right around the time Officer Darren Wilson opened fire. 80 more words


Father acquitted of killing drunk driver

A jury in Texas found a man not guilty in the murder of a drunk driver who killed his sons. Local media reports say in 2012, 20-year-old Jose Banda Jr. 58 more words


Does Missouri law protect Officer Wilson from prosecution?

The fact that there is, so far, no decision on whether Officer Wilson will face criminal charges is fueling outrage for some in Ferguson. The grand jury is not expected to reach a decision  until October.  54 more words


St. Louis County Police Officer suspended over ugly rant

Officer Dan Page was seen on CNN pushing Don Lemon during protests in Ferguson. But it is a different video of Officer Page that led to him being relieved of duty. 82 more words


CNN Jumps To "Josie's" Story. Think About The Story!

There is a problem here. “Eyewitnesses are Horrible witnesses.” Yes, well………the point as it relates to the murder of Mike Brown?

I sought the following segment last night; CNN apparently posted the segment overnight. 622 more words

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Ferguson's Police Chief explains the handling of the Michael Brown shooting investigation

It has been four days since unarmed teen Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. In that time federal officials launched a civil rights investigation and the FBI is looking into the case. 90 more words


Does John Good's Testimony Support Zimmerman's Story? Nope!

George Zimmerman’s story is simply incredulous even with John Good’s testimony.  Many Zimmerman supporters point to Good’s testimony as somehow confirming Zimmerman’s story that Trayvon Martin without provocation, slammed his head on the cement, hit him in the face repeatedly, grabbed for his gun thereby forcing Zimmerman to shoot him in self-defense. 942 more words

George Zimmerman