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Don't Make Judgment in the Child in Hot Car Case Until the Facts are Known

I have been busy and haven’t gotten to update the blog regarding Justin Harris, the man charged with murder for allegedly intentionally leaving his child in a car, who then died from the heat. 197 more words

Criminal Law

Defend The Constitution! Except...

If Bearing Arms is not on your daily reading list, it should be.  A relatively new blog, it’s fast becoming the go-to place on the Internet for information and commentary on the world of guns and Second Amendment issues. 90 more words


The Anniversary of the George Zimmerman Trial

This coming Tuesday will be a year since several hundred potential jurors appeared for jury selection for the 2nd degree murder trial of George Zimmerman.  The process continued to actual selection and trial.  481 more words

George Zimmerman

Mark O’Mara Has Time For Private Practice

Some, most, or maybe all who read here are familiar with the name Mark O’Mara. O’Mara represented George Zimmerman in his second degree murder trial for killing unarmed 17-year old Trayvon Martin. 448 more words

George Zimmerman