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Mark and the Boy Lard

I think I need something daft like this to lift my spirits from time to time.  I have a real affection for Radcliffe and Riley; their show on Radio 1 was in a league of its own and I was rather upset when it came to an end.   159 more words

Inspira L Carpets

I don’t know if I remember seeing this on Top of the Pops, or if I just think I remember, as it’s a bit of film I’ve seen several times since.   178 more words

Found Myself in a Strange Title

This comes from one of the best albums in my collection – The Sophtware Slump.  I distinctly remember it came to my attention through Mark Radcliffe’s show on Radio 1, when he had Lard, aka Marc Riley, as his sidekick.   208 more words