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Fun with as-fan

As-fan is an internal term used by Magic: the Gathering designers to talk about the likelihood of a card of group of cards appearing in a pack. 367 more words

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Changes to Magic set structure

The three-set block structure has been a mainstay of Magic: the Gathering since the late 1990s. In an important article, Magic’s head designer Mark Rosewater lays out the… 438 more words

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It's Morphing Time - The Changes Coming to Magic: the Gathering

As a casual Magic player, I don’t really pay a whole lot of attention to Standard/Modern block rotation. I’ve been playing Magic since I was in high school, and I did dabble in professional playing for a while. 971 more words


Thoughts on the Two-Set Block Paradigm

Time for my first proper post, so far I’ve been letting SoDimir do all the heavy lifting, but it’s time to get stuck in myself. Monday evening an article was released by Mark Rosewater about big changes to the structure of Magic in the future. 322 more words

The MTG Metamorphosis: A Player's Perspective

If you are a Magic: The Gathering player and have not yet read Mark Rosewater’s recent Wizards column “Metamorphosis”, I recommend you stop what you are doing and go read it now… 2,515 more words

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Magic The Gathering Changes Block Structure & Standard

Let’s just cut right to the chase, Magic the Gathering is changing its block structure and standard format. This article is not going to even attempt to be as eloquent and thorough as Mark Rosewater’s article that announced these changes, so if you want to get every last detail, 232 more words