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Abstract Expressionism

From the 1930s onwards many artists and intellectuals moved from Europe to America beginning a decline in European dominance of art and culture. Two major European movements of the inter-war years began to influence the New York art scene, the rational, formalistic art of Mondrian, Léger and the Bauhaus designers and the more emotional, expressive trends of Surrealists such as Ernst, Dali and André Breton. 1,371 more words

Creative Practice

Going to Church with Mark Rothko

The city of Houston has some amazing art venues. They have a plethora of museums and other cultural organizations. While I was in town I had the pleasure of hearing a quartet from the Houston Symphony, celebrating its 100th anniversary. 424 more words

Greg Katz

Reds in the Shadows

Aut lux nata est aut capta hic libera regnat.

The light is either born here, or, imprisoned, reigns here in freedom.

Inscription in the Archiepiscopal Chapel at Ravenna… 215 more words


Everything I need to know about creative spaces I learned from the art on Mad Men

There’s a Dar Williams song, “Mark Rothko Song,” that affects me. I have listened to it over and over again over the past ten years, and though I never knew who or what it was about there is something about this song that makes my heart shift every time I hear it, that makes me feel something: something warm and also like marine blue currents, something both smiling and melancholy, something incandescent like flashes of sunlight on the surface of dark fathomless water. 1,116 more words

Hopes And Dreams

Transformed Visions at Tate Modern

A visit to Tate Modern allowed me to visit the Transformed Visions gallery which looks at art produced after the Second World War. The artwork exhibited considers the way in which individual artists sought to deal with making art after a period of world war, the Holocaust and the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 994 more words

Creative Practice

Federal Art Project

A few days ago The Writers’ Almanac highlighted the anniversary of the funding approval for the American  Federal Art Project .  The Works Progress Administration was part of F.D. 101 more words

Art History

Sun On An Empty Landing

I arrived on the landing of a stair at the precise moment to see this.

There is something ineffable about the effect of light on a clean plane.It carries a resonance that is difficult to explain. 156 more words