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I am an Introvert

Bill Gates. JK Rowling. Meryl Streep. Mark Zuckerberg. Julia Roberts. Apart from being individuals who are world famous and have become household names, all five are introverts despite regularly being in the public eye.   583 more words

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Snapchat Loses Its Cool

Remember that time last year when Snapchat turned down Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerburg’s all-cash acquisition offer of $3 billion? We all (or was that just me?) thought 23 year old CEO Evan Spiegel had let his ego get the best of him, but now just about a year later his start-up is worth an estimated $10 billion and is actively seeking out and launching new ways to bring in revenue. 315 more words


An Analysis of NPR's Special Millennial Series: New Boom

On October 6th, NPR launched a special series entitled New Boom that focuses solely on the Millennial generation and how they are changing the world in which we live in. 648 more words

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Facebook's CEO Donates $25 Million to Help Fight Ebola

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, has donated $25 Million dollars to the fight against the Ebola virus. When asked why he took it upon himself to donate instead of allowing the US government to handle the situation, Zuckerburg had this to say: 152 more words


SVD: #Facebookgrundare #donerar #180 #miljoner

It-miljardären Mark Zuckerberg ger över 180 miljoner kronor för att bekämpa ebolasmittans utbredning. I USA har nu flera miljardärer donerat stora belopp under kort tid. … 17 more words

The Films that Define the Millennial Generation

While the interests of one generation typically do not mirror the interests of the ones that came before it, there are a few that are, seemingly, etched into our collective conscious, despite our age.   563 more words

Generation Y

Ello, Mate: Social Media’s new platform

I recently attended the Future M conference in Boston, where 10k social media geeks like myself got together to learn new tricks and find out what the next big thing will be. 731 more words