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Facebook Offers Messenger Ultimatum

Facebook is to remove the chat feature from its main app.

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Logging Out: Why I Quit FaceBook After Seven Years

Last week I logged into FaceBook for the last time.

I checked my News Feed, downloaded an archive of everything I had done over the last seven years on the social media site. 1,551 more words


Instagram: Facebook's Biggest Money-Maker

If you could click on any Instagram picture and directly buy that product or item, would you? Instagram has millions of users and the amount of likes in one day is beyond rediculous. 152 more words

Face it, Facebook makes it!

It has crept into our lives and now we can’t escape it or get rid of it. On my way to the UCT Jammie bus stop in the mornings it follows me, clinging on for dear life to the shadows that never leave my side. 710 more words

Take Control!

“Innovation will occur on the fringes; consolidation in the mainstream” (Jenkins, 2004)

Why does it matter who ‘controls’ the media, you ask? Well I understand, but maybe it is’t about why it matters “who” controls the media, but “why” they control the media. 428 more words

Modern Opportunity

Today Facebook announced that it has purchased the company Oculus VR, A Virtual reality company for a reported $400 million cash, 23.1 million facebook shares and potentially another $300 million in bonuses which equates to roughly $2 Billion dollars! 127 more words


Facebook News Feature

Facebook is rapidly becoming one of the largest and most successful companies known to the modern global society. Following the announcement in February that Facebook is buying the social media platform, … 112 more words