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Why Wouldn't Mark Listen?

Mark was a teenager living the fast lifestyle of a city slicker. Mark started as a good and respectful child. His single parent mother taught him to do the right thing and respect his elders. 237 more words


Gracepoint S1E3: "This Is A Bomb In Your System"

By Lexie Schapitl 

In case you forgot that “Gracepoint” is supposed to be creepy, this week’s episode opened with Mark walking past the police tape into Danny’s room to find his dead son crying in the closet. 1,156 more words

Recaps & Roundtables

Mention and Use.

One of my first classes at the University of Minnesota my professor assigned a book that had several passages where a character used the word “nigger.” You’re probably familiar with the controversy focused around The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 535 more words


Something lacking

A couple of weeks ago, I landed the lucky task of preaching on Mark 1:29-45. Healing ministry is something that I have personally struggled with a fair amount – especially the idea that some people have their prayers answered and some don’t, and some don’t even have people around them to pray. 2,966 more words


Nothing Lasts Forever?

“I give them eternal life” (John 10:28).

Eternal life – This is Christ’s gift to us. What a great gift it is! When the things of this earth are no more, there will be eternal life. 71 more words