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He wakes. He descends. He notices the letter. He picks it up. He reads. Sees: “To Whom This May Concern. You do not know me, nor I you. 1,386 more words

Chronoport Vol. I

Orientalsk julebasar

Hummus, hoftesjal og Hakim – velkommen til orientalsk julebasar! Her finner du både noe nytt og noe brukt, noe til en venn eller til deg selv. 121 more words


Encants Barcelona - 1300-talls marked i nye klær

Hva kan vel være bedre enn å tilbringe en solrik ettermiddag i november med å besøke et spennende loppemarked på søken etter skjulte skatter? Når markedet også er en arkitektonisk godbit, – enda bedre! 481 more words


Artistry: How Berlin Marked Its Former Wall With 8,000 Glowing Balloons

Monday, November 10, 2014, by Rachel B. Doyle

Photos by Perri Brierley-Bowers
Stretching 96 miles, the Berlin Wall divided East and West Berlin for nearly 30 years, until 1989. 19 more words

Marked-Chapters 1-7

I feel like they got to the House of Night so slowly. Like it took 3 Chapters just to get there, but whatever. So Zoe Redbird is Marked by this dude that appears out of nowhere at school. 691 more words



So I should be doing my geography homework, but idgaf, so ya. So looks like I didn’t forget about this blog eh? I just finished watching the 1D Hangout, and I realized I was on the wrong link the first time, so I looked at the comments and someone said that there was another link so ya. 194 more words