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As Apple prepares the iPhone 6, here's a look at mobile market share

Smartphone market share information is very useful to developers as a guide to craft a mobile platform strategy, but understanding how to apply the data to such a strategy can be a bit confusing at times. 1,066 more words

Pre-Owned Market for Cirrus Aircraft- Introduction

Last year I began an active search to find the right pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft.  I’d decided it was time to make the transition from flying aluminum to advanced composite aircraft.  361 more words

Cirrus SR22

Smartphone OS Market Share as of July 2014

I am a data analyst by profession and I enjoy gathering interesting data and visualizing it. Since one of the things I’m interested in is smartphones, I just had to put… 345 more words


Advanced Composite - Piston Single-Engine Market Share Mid-2014

Composite Technically Advanced Aircraft are advancing, which continues a multi-year trend, based on shipment statistics reported by the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA) for June 30, 2014.  310 more words

Cirrus SR22

As competitors slum it, Apple readies release of Android-crushing iPhone 6

“These numbers could lead rational human beings to believe Google’s Android operating system dominates Apple’s iOS. All else equal, that’s the only conclusion you could draw from 79.6% to 84.7% and 13.0% to 11.7%. 353 more words


Blackberry - Three Depressing Charts - A Reminder

In January 2007 Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world. On June 29 2007, the first generation iPhone sales begins. That moment also signaled the beginning of the end for Blackberry (RIM at the time). 373 more words