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Score Big on Your First Email with 4 Simple Ingredients

The story my husband loves to tell at parties is how I adamantly said “No, thanks” when he very nervously asked me out (and as usual, he’s not exaggerating). 1,428 more words

Marketing 101

I Criticize Because I Care: The Power of Grammar Shaming

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks out there in the real world. Since my earlier post there has been a slew of major headlines I could discuss: the privacy of naked celebs in the cloud-o-sphere; ice-water-bucket controversy (even I know that you shouldn’t drop ice on your baby’s head to avoid donating money); the Jolie-Pitt union (finally, but that dress!?); the death of Google Authorship (déjà vu?); the death of Joan Rivers (the only woman more judgmental than I am on fashion trends); the death of the color white (bad Labor Day joke); and a lot of people saying some really interesting things but sounding really dumb in the process. 814 more words

Marketing 101

8 Best Practices for Small Business Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a crucial strategy for a successful business.

If you’re not brainstorming, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to expand not only your company, but also your way of thinking. 643 more words


Email Marketing Resources

It’s the email, the email, what what, the email. This never gets old.

My blogging companion and I are a bit pressed for time this week. 529 more words

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Consumer Decision-Making Process

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a long time, but I’ve got some great stuff in the pipeline coming up, so let’s get to it! 771 more words

Marketing 101

3 Simple Ingredients for a Successful Homepage

I’m not a huge fan of baking. Two years later and my husband still gives me guff for registering for a rolling pin and never using it. 1,379 more words

Marketing 101