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Leavetober Alone

Why does this happen?  Why does the month of October have to suffer such indignity?  Every once in a while it’s okay, like, oh, when I was a kid and then Boston rocker WCOZ featured “Rocktober” because that actually works.   106 more words

Kitty Is A Very Bad Mystic

Score Big on Your First Email with 4 Simple Ingredients

The story my husband loves to tell at parties is how I adamantly said “No, thanks” when he very nervously asked me out (and as usual, he’s not exaggerating). 1,428 more words

Marketing 101

I Criticize Because I Care: The Power of Grammar Shaming

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks out there in the real world. Since my earlier post there has been a slew of major headlines I could discuss: the privacy of naked celebs in the cloud-o-sphere; ice-water-bucket controversy (even I know that you shouldn’t drop ice on your baby’s head to avoid donating money); the Jolie-Pitt union (finally, but that dress!?); the death of Google Authorship (déjà vu?); the death of Joan Rivers (the only woman more judgmental than I am on fashion trends); the death of the color white (bad Labor Day joke); and a lot of people saying some really interesting things but sounding really dumb in the process. 814 more words

Marketing 101