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How To Pitch Your Book To Glossy Magazines, Newspapers or Radio: Top Mistakes Authors Should Avoid

Many authors wrongly assume that their book isn’t important enough, or that only celebrities and famous writers, will get media coverage. This just isn’t true. Radio stations (particularly local radio stations) have many hours of airtime to fill each week. 493 more words

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Stealth Marketing in the Grand Tradition of the British Navy.

OK, I’ll admit, it’s a tenuous connection, especially in the extremely likely event I’ve got my facts wrong, but there is this lovely story about Admiral Rodney; that he was concerned that the demand of the British Navy for oak trees to make ships was outstripping British supply. 892 more words

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Last Chance! Last Day to Claim $300 of Mad Money for Self-Publishing Services

It’s not too late to make March your most productive month with $300 of Mad Money from Outskirts Press. It’s time to finish that book and decide how you want to spend that… 161 more words

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A Business Primer on Marketing a Book

Admittedly, I’ve never marketed a book before. Lots of other stuff, from Cadbury to Pepsi, from accounting firms to civil rights. As you might guess, though, I’ve thought a LOT about marketing a book in the past few years. 143 more words


Amazon is not your friend - reblogged from Chuck Wendig

Except he doesn’t have a reblog button but readers, writers, anyone, read this because what he says is true. Amazon has been involved in a giant price cutting war to annihilate the competition. 205 more words

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Ides Wide Open

Given that this is a blog about writing and that – this month – I will formally begin marketing my first book, it seems fitting to go on record saying that my heart is in my mouth right about now. 264 more words


How do you measure success?

When Dr. Whelihan and I decided to invest in a PR agency to help us publicize “Kiss and Tell” late last year, we knew it was a gamble. 741 more words

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