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Core Planner Skills

A good friend, former boss, and mentor of mine put together a list of the core skills he thinks all planners/strategists should have. It’s by no means final, so feel free to throw in your own thoughts in the comments. 375 more words


Building Customer Relationships With FREE Wifi

I would have to say Starbucks USA have the model just right when it comes to FREE Wifi and I know when in New York City I almost always seek out my closest Starbucks to do some work. 767 more words


Why I'm Killing the old HSL Creative and Starting Fresh

“In writing, you must kill your darlings.” –William Faulkner

 I love the promise that comes with the turning of the calendar year. It’s an opportunity to change it up, to do it better than last year, to get it right. 583 more words

Social Media

To Whom Are You Speaking?

Everywhere one turns these days there is content. In the old days that content was sourced from entertainment or news organizations which had the consumer’s tastes in mind. 274 more words

Helpful Hints

Benefits of using neon letters for durable and better business advertisements

If you have a small business or a company and you want to get it gain the attention of people, then you should consider installing… 330 more words

Awnings NYC

Reasons Why Target Canada was Doomed from Day One

Most of us have heard for years about this majestic superior store with a red bullseye called Target from our sister country, USA. It was often described as the Upper-class version of Wal-Mart; although it is still the second-largest retailer store in the United States (Wal-Mart being the first). 847 more words


Paintings that you can eat?

The level of engagement depends on how immersive the brand wishes to communicate with their audience. Coming out with refreshing ideas has always been the constant challenge for brands seeking to break through the clutter. 77 more words