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Robb Auber: Controlling call center operational functionality to get the best out of existing resources

Simply, call center is a location where crucial customer interactions take place through telephone calls. Being a place of customer interaction, call centers are responsible for answering telephone calls and resolving all sorts of queries, asked by customers. 309 more words

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Accelerate your business with Robb Auber—Call center operations specialist

Robb Auber has been a reliable and renowned name in the call center industry for the last decade in the US. He has a wide and rich experience in structuring high-performing call centers, developing business process outsourcing models, integrating processes, and applying supportive technologies. 287 more words

Marketing And Advertising

How to Building Trust in Your Marketing Message

Trust is a central point  in marketing. Without trust in your message and your product, the whole exercise of marketing is fruitless. But the question is: 586 more words


The Importance Of Curating Your Content

An integral part of excellent content marketing, content curation can be described as the art of selecting, finding, and sharing only the most relevant and finest content that is associated to a specific topic or theme. 456 more words

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Whistling In The Dark

When we’re afraid of something but want to put on a brave face, we’re said to be whistling in the dark.  I suspect that many… 304 more words

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A Business Detox Program?!

Should we detox the business? Yes, we should. The business is a living thing. All living things go through life accumulating the good and the bad. 316 more words

How marketing saves you time and money

A couple of client meetings were cancelled in succession without a call, text message or email. To add to the frustration, they were non-contactable. Have you been in this position before? 474 more words