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From the Archives: Weight Loss Advertising in Cambodia

I was going through my pictures the other day, clearing valuable space for more pictures from our travels, when I came across a picture I had taken in Siem Reap. 420 more words

Marketing And Communications

"Go Dodgers!" "Wait, Who?"

Rebecca and I have seen a lot of sports fans here in Asia. Or at least, that’s what we thought we were seeing when we saw lots of people walking around with American sports team merchandise. 559 more words

Marketing And Communications

Whitening Cream? But I Came to Tan!

We are rapidly approaching 100 days since we began our Asia adventure. 100 days is long enough to begin running out of the things we packed, particularly sunscreen and moisturizer. 733 more words

Marketing And Communications

Usability Test

Websites for different companies can vary greatly. Some load faster than others into the user’s browsers and some are much easier to navigate than others. This week’s inspirational journal will analyze the website usability of Abercrombie and Fitch’s website along with two of the company’s top competitors H&M and American Eagle. 843 more words

Marketing And Communications

Product Differentiation? Not in SE Asia

One of the most popular tourist activities in Asia is shopping. Goods are very inexpensive, and the prospect of a $10 silk scarf, or a $2 pair of shoes, is simply too good to pass up for many. 596 more words

Marketing And Communications

Brandkarma: A new Global Reputation System for Brands

“Brands often fall short of their potential to do good – reputation without responsibility. Brandkarma will change that.”

Upendra Shardanand, founder Daylife

Welcome Brandkarma.com – the first social community that will rate and review brands ability to do good in the world. 89 more words

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