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Company Spotlight: Artisan Mobile

With the growing importance of mobile technology in the marketing automation industry, marketers and CMOs often face the need to build highly engaging mobile apps that deliver tailored, relevant content to their users. 528 more words

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Four Ways to Get More From Mobile Marketing

When it comes to consistency in marketing, only one thing is really consistent: evolution. Evolution of best practices. Evolution of measurement tactics. And, perhaps most challenging, evolution of available media, such as mobile. 495 more words


Company Spotlight: Piwik PRO

Marketeers and CMOs at various brands and businesses often face the problem of finding effective tools to track and analyze their customer analytics. Doing so could enable them to derive significant insights from customer behavior to attract new customers and engage existing ones. 544 more words

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6 Qualities of Winning Retention and Renewal Programs

You know what they say: It costs three times more to earn a new client than it does to keep an existing one. No marketer is likely to argue against the importance of client retention, but the question of how to retain a client can be up for debate. 677 more words


Company Spotlight: Woopra

Within the marketing automation industry, the ability to track customer analytics and optimize user experiences based on them has become increasingly important. Recently I interviewed San Francisco-based web and mobile analytics company… 515 more words

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Customizing Each Traveler's Experience Begins with Your Marketing Approach

For consumers, travel is all about adventure, freedom from responsibility, and getting away from stress—however, often it’s stressful to simply find and book travel experiences. That’s why many travel and tourism organizations are using marketing automation to provide consumers with an easier, more convenient way to not only book travel but also to identify destinations and learn about what they offer. 916 more words