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Marketing Employee Parity, and the Top 10 Marketing Technology Articles Curated Tuesday, 9/23/14

The pervasiveness of marketing technology in the B2B environment is deep and wide, and as B2B marketers know, it is causing management angst as the demand for skilled employees far outstrips availability. 466 more words

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Predictive marketing: a new dimension? - Econsultancy

But what if we could dynamically predict that an organisation, or individual, will buy our product or service before any contact is made, before any sales or marketing effort is expended?

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The Content Curve - Kapost Content Marketeer

The Content Curve provides a framework for understanding the continuum of different assets along the fat tail and the long tail, and the different processes involved for each.

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[FREE REPORT] Evolving Toward the Next Phase of Email - IBM

According to most corporate decision makers and influencers, email is the single most important application they have deployed! The typical user spends two hours per day working in the corporate email system and sends or receives a median of 130 emails per day.

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12 Big Data Facts for Marketers in 2014 - DM News

1. One third of all data will be stored in or will pass through the cloud by 2020. (Chassis Plans)

2. Dirty data, or poor data quality, costs U.S.

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