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What happens when we say stuff?

An Epistemology of Writing

I just realized I run my college writing courses in ways possibly dissimilar to how others do it. We have texts, of course, and readings. 369 more words

Philosophy Of Work

Let’s have a prune party

In what odd corner of the universe could “prune” and “party” ever fit together?

C’mon copywriter: not everything your product marketer says is true.


Via Vintage Ads

Brand Building

Why Name a Problem?

“They won’t recognize a great solution until they see how big the problem was.”

Along the way to becoming a copywriter one must learn to name problems. 299 more words

Communication Is About Relationship

Bah: Who needs “personality”?

Give me your risk-averse, your bland spinners of boredom.

Two days ago I talked with a marketer trying to sort exactly what space his brand occupies in social media. 358 more words

Communication Is About Relationship

Disappointment by showing

Have you ever been standing at the bus stop or at the train station and had a bus or a train go past that says “out of service” ? 95 more words


Dialogue 2.0: Can a Marketer Game a Conversation?

Yes. But maybe no?

Lots of us try to figure how to turn a conversation to our advantage.

Marketers increasingly slip us information just when we want it, like Google giving directions to the donut place on the way to my next meeting. 403 more words


Why They Don’t Get the Message

Dr Brian Monger

People use a sophisticated psychological defence mechanism to filter out unwanted information. This mechanism consists of four “rings of defence”:

Selective Exposure. 268 more words

Brian Monger