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The Unique Selling Proposition - USP

Development of this “central idea,” or what is often called a unique selling proposition, is one of the copywriter’s most difficult tasks, The USP (as it is often abbreviated) originated at the Ted Bates advertising agency in the early 1940s; as its famous originator, author, and agency vice-president, Rosser Reeves, has indicated, however, it has been picked up by hundreds of agencies and has spread from country to country. 539 more words

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Disciplined Creativity

 Given a basic understanding of our product (including service) and knowledge of our intended media audiences (in terms of both demographics and psychographics), we can focus on the techniques, processes, and skills involved in creating effective advertising messages. 3,422 more words

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Marketing Keywords to Know: July 17, 2014

Coerce-tomer Service

Definition: The act of unduly pressuring a potential customer to do business with you or to retain their business

Even inexperienced marketers know that customers will only take time to research and buy products or services that are easy to use and suit their needs. 249 more words

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News Article for Generali Pilipinas

10.1 : GP continues to count Milestones

10 Years, 1 Team for Change- that was the highlight of the recently concluded 2009 Generali Pilipinas’ Kick-Off last March 3, 2009. 312 more words

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Petster (Press Release)

Petster: Philippine Canine Club Inc & Eastwood City Partnership Grand Launch Success
By: Cher Pauline Cruz
September 1, 2008

Way back in June of this year, Mr. 435 more words

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20 and something

20 and something is the working title for my book that is yet to unfold. The foreword should be something like this:

Yes, I am one of those people who have stopped counting after they’ve turned 20 and yes, I am also one of those who got stuck in the so-called quarter-life crisis (darn you John Mayer!), particularly in the mid-20s. 80 more words

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5 reasons why content marketing has reached saturation point #check

” I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I’m going to take a stand. 565 more words