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Leaders do not prescribe solutions

Yes. Actually they don’t like to.

A leader always wants us to think and take decisions. They will just set the broad direction and give a vision. 275 more words

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The Dispute Between Relevance And Storytelling

In my time studying at RMIT I wrote an assignment on the notion of creating relevance in your marketing approach. This assignment came to life, because I wanted to compare and disseminate the value of the vastly opposing views: Personalisation and storytelling. 916 more words


A Step Towards Creating a World-Class Marketing Team - HubSpot


The “growth hacker” or “full-stack marketer” is every CMO’s dream. The challenge with finding this person, however, is that he or she is a unicorn – everybody has their fair share of strengths and weaknesses. 223 more words


Why We Are Hiring for a New Content Role (and You Should Too)


This person was tasked with gaining an amazingly in-depth understanding of all the current content assets owned by the organization (i.e., no outside content gets factored in). 177 more words


The 2014 FIFA World Cup: Reflecting on a Prime Opportunity for Ambush Marketing

(Budweiser is an official sponsor of the World Cup, Pepsi is not, but that has not stopped the brand from recruiting some of the biggest names in football and placing their visages on promotional cans. 688 more words

Chapter 1 - Marketing In Today's Business Milieu

How to find -- and hire -- data scientists - VentureBeat


So how do you find and hire these newly essential employees? Not easily, according to data scientists Max Song and Carl Shan, who are working on a… 192 more words


Δημιουργώντας ξανά το Marketing!

Για τις περισσότερες εταιρίες στον κόσμο η δομή και η λειτουργία του marketing δεν έχει αλλάξει τα τελευταία 40 χρόνια. Πολλά όμως άλλαξαν μέσα σ αυτήν την εκτεταμένη περίοδο. 87 more words