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Marketing Tomorrow

Marketing has always been a part of our everyday lives. Little do we notice it, but everything that we see around us is brought about by Marketing. 581 more words


Competitive Edge: Multi- lingual Skills to Counter Local and Foreign Competitors

With the integration of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) this coming 2015, it is expected that there would be an increase in competition with regard to good employment searches. 524 more words


Avoid the copycat "us too" style of marketing

If you’ve ever worked in marketing management, you’ve probably experienced that moment when someone walks into your office or sends you an email with one of your competitor’s ads. 580 more words


Which is the legitimacy of marketing in the 21st century?

Throughout the last 50 years, since the modern Marketing was born, many definitions have been developed and different approaches has been taking. In the late 50’s and early 60’s, aftermath World War II, economic boom led to an exceptional increase of production due to mass production and automation. 563 more words


The Challenges and Opportunities of Marketing to a Constantly Connected Society

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Seth Godin, a well-known marketer and public figure is credited with saying that “marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” In today’s technology driven environment where people often have access to multiple Internet connected devices, garnering an individual’s attention and holding it for a substantial amount of time is an increasingly challenging prospect. 662 more words

Chapter 1 - Marketing In Today's Business Milieu

Pengertian MARKETING Adalah

Marketing adalah satu bagian yang memiliki peran sangat penting sekali dalam suatu perusahaan, karena marketing memiliki fungsi untuk mencari, mendapatkan, mempertahankan dan memperbanyak konsumen serta menguasai pasar. 418 more words