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Marketing Should Flow From One Element To Another


One Event Can Have Perpetual Marketing Value

It is common in senior care for a marketing effort to be a one-shot deal. For example, having a table at a senior center Health Fair. 326 more words

Assisted Living Marketing

Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Writing Career

It’s overwhelming. I mean like, seriously overwhelming.

You write the book, maybe you even score the agent and then one day you get the call: … 223 more words


Marketing Professional for Hire....

Since June 2006 I have been a freelance Marketing Manager providing marketing services to a range of clients from international agricultural companies to local chocolatiers and it has been absolutely marvelous. 348 more words

FREE Marketing Calendar Template for 2015

Using a Marketing Calendar

For Small Business and Micro-Business Success

If you are wondering “When is the right time to develop your marketing calendar?”

The answer is NOW. 753 more words

Small Business

Are you Ready for Social Selling?

2015 Sales Goals are being printed up and prepared across the country. Before the ink is dry and you hit send, here is the key on how to hit those 2015 sales goals:  753 more words


Step by step οδηγός νέας επιχείρησης

Η ιδέα για μία επιχείρηση είναι σαφέστατα ένα σημείο κλειδί. Αλλά πόσες και πόσες καλές ιδέες, άραγε, χάθηκαν σε δαιδάλους απογοήτευσης γιατί ο εμπνευστής τους δεν κατάφερε να βγάλει άκρη με τα πρακτικά ζητήματα που μετατρέπουν την αρχική ιδέα στο απτό αποτέλεσμα της επιχείρησης;